Celestial Sentinel


  I wake once more to the light of a new day. As I shake off the cobwebs left by another peaceful night’s slumber, I have no choice but to smile. I am by myself in my quiet morning world, but by no means am I alone. My companion this day and all days prior is all around me and within my very soul. With each new day of courageous perseverance and clarity of the mind, she gains a stronger hold on my security, sanity, and peace of mind.

  Times have not always been this relaxed and carefree however. My life’s journey thus far has had great triumphs, but has also been plagued with very dark and disturbing travels through worlds of hurt and despair. Whether self inflicted or brought by the hands of others I have felt true anguish.  This wretched affliction is not abolished from my current reality now, but merely lies dormant waiting for my divine protector to lose her grasp on my safety in a momentary lapse of concentration.

  This ethereal energy that surrounds me and keeps me sheltered from the bombardment of temptation and the trickery of tragedy is unwavering in her vigilance. It must surely be an exhausting task to look after someone such as myself. Most certainly my past indiscretions, the playing of dangerous games, and my countless dances with the DEVIL have left her battle weary and burdened.

  This day my heart is rich and my spirit is light, but I must always be mindful of the fact that the dark realities of my compulsions, addictions, and deadly desires lie in wait to be the ruination of my very soul. My Guardian Angel protects me, but I must also lessen her strain by acknowledging my weaknesses and taking avoidance of the most obvious perils that remain to see me fall again. This much I owe to the one who keeps guard of my remaining sanity and protects me from myself.

  The depths of gratitude I feel for this unseen entity are immense and immeasurable. The debt I owe I can never repay. For without the divine intervention of my devoted defender, I most assuredly would have encountered a fate worse than death.

  I am happy today and my thoughts turn to hope. The hope that I will be accompanied by this true warrior spirit for the rest of my days. I want to feel her watchful eyes upon me until my proper time has come and I am peacefully carried off to the kingdom of light and love.


14 responses to “Celestial Sentinel

    • Thank you Jen.

      This piece was brewing for a bit. I think maybe writing “A warrior’s heart” with you carried over and helped me bring this to the surface. I love how everything seems to be connected in ways that are hard to fathom sometimes.
      Keep inspiring

  1. I don’t believe that we have met, however the above words seems to real to me. Some call me toad other call what they like, most all trouble most likely created by myself haunts me daily karma debt is truly unforgiving… I too have it would seem a magical protection, watching me, I wouldn’t call whom ever a angle, however there I am truly grateful… Love the poem you and Hasty have written, she brought poetry to my life many times wanted to give up. It quiets the noise in my head…

    • Glad this piece spoke to you. Also glad you liked the DUET hasty and I composed. She is a tremendous talent. Thank you for taking the time to comment.
      Keep inspiring

  2. I apparently missed this during my first read of your site. This piece explains why Sea of Desire resonated within you. You know it only begs more questions and touches upon our connection. I will be forever grateful to your Guardian Angel. Merry Christmas, John!! Hugs to you!!

  3. Enchanting piece-truly, John. We leave ourselves open, much of the time, to the things in the world we cannot see. Not all of them are demons though. Sometimes, we are vulnerable, and people drain us, of our Light. Our strength. It weakens us to the real dangers. The battle for our very essence is constantly being tested, in every tiny decision we make. This is a lovely glimpse into the battle for Light and Dark, and the life of a Guardian Angel. I liked the perspective, and the reality of the temptations, we as humans-must endure, and make a conscious choice about.

    Sending Light to you~

    Blessed BE,


    • Thank you Holly. It is not coincidence that you use the word temptation. Some of the very real demon’s I face day to day use temptation as their primary weapon. Without my sentinel I am sure I could not be as strong as I am. I am ever so glad you enjoyed this piece.

  4. Ah. And this is the moment the lightning struck and she pulled back in fervent prayer to her God above for meaning and resolution because she couldn’t take another death. A day of remembering.

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