Higher Plane

cloud lion

I vividly remember being told so often

“Keep your head out of the clouds”

I remember it like it was just yesterday

Cautionary words from the so-called wise

“Daydreaming will only cause distraction”

Good thing I wasn’t much of a listener


I tucked those words away for a rainy day

As I was off to find another adventure

Whether borne of my wild imagination

Or found in the bright sun of my reality

My days WERE spent wisely as I see it

Contrary to my elders conservative beliefs


Somewhere along the way I grew up

Saw the ugly side of truth in this world

Found appreciation for the basis of those words

Yet still I refused to give up the many wonders

Gifted me by the heavens to let my mind wander

So I decided the only thing to do is compromise


Now with an arsenal of the best of both worlds

I  can attack reality with ferocity from every direction

I can swim with literary mermaids in a fictional sea

While slaying the dragons of the everyday world

Priceless the value of my double edged imagination

Kept razor sharp by the need for real world existence


So, to my elders, I say Thank You for your warnings

That I stored away for that rainy day inevitability

When childlike imagination was no longer an option

Thank you also for not enforcing the code too strictly

Letting me hone the skills necessary to walk the fine line

Between the two worlds that mean so very much to me


My discovery is what I wish to pass along to any and all

That fine line can not only be walked with grace and pride

But it can be twisted and turned into any direction you wish

My lessons are both simple and simultaneously very complex

If you listen carefully and follow the heart before the mind

You too will come to see the importance of fantasy in reality


I have discovered absolutely and with no uncertainty

The only way to rule your Kingdom on a higher plane

Is with your feet also planted securely on the ground


A Numbers Game


Here I am once again

Surrounded  by these unfriendly foes

Put to shame by their multitudes

Engulfed within their highs and lows


Grasping for some balance

Swimming head with possibilities

Putting things in proper order

Falling victim to their hostilities


One is attached to every step

As more are undoubtedly close behind

They taunt us in our nightmares

While singular sands of time unwind


Perspective put in focus

Giving the immeasurable some measure

Answers can be found inside the questions

Still we are denied our wildest treasure


I have found a new way

A safe passage to cerebral stability

No genius have I ever claimed to be

Keeping things simple my artful ability


So I divide and I conquer

As I take them all on one by one

Using the power of three against them

I will assuredly finish second to none



Gone missing once again from the safety of the written word

Ripped away from the comfort of the blanket of others creativity

Time will only tell how long I will struggle through the dark night

Without these moments of satisfaction provided by artistic light


It seems the harsh realities of this monotonous daily existence

Have stolen me away from the protection on my beloved words

Tick tock, tick tock, as the clock on the wall so torturously taunts

I have no time to seek shelter in the shadows of my favorite haunts


I shall return to roam the jungle I rule over with strength and pride

Once the dust has settled and the air is again safe to deeply inhale

Bringing the familiar swagger of an artistic view back to the pages

Hopefully showing signs of my influences from fools and from sages


Fear not where I have gone or what fate has overtaken my soul

I cannot stay away from the forest of my imagination for any length

When I reenter the shadows of my imagination once again to endure

You will see and feel the strength of my love for words remains pure

Who am I?

This is a very important piece for a very important friend.

She knows who she is, and I hope she realizes what she means to me.


Why is this my reality

That the person I am

Is not who I wish to be


Stumbling out of the gate

When running to a friend

My arrival always too late


Holding cards to my chest

When they should be on display

Leads to cases of unfair unrest


Scars so visibly shown

The insecurities of a life’s war

The kind I don’t want to own


Own them though, I must

Else I do my friend disservice

Hold her back in ways unjust


Take for granted special things

From friendship gifted unto me

Humbly she hides her Angel’s wings


A foolish man walking a crooked mile

Without knowing his destination

Ends up nowhere and without a smile


So a friend in need will always be

A friend indeed and clearly present

When the chips are down for me


So my question is just who am I?

That keeps you by my side

When those wings could see you fly?

The Rock


Standing alone on this ancient hallowed ground

I’ve watched the tides and absorbed the rain

I have been the calm and steady presence

Strength and inspiration to those in dire pain


Steady as she goes, and nothing seems amiss

Not visible is the landslide building from below

Sturdy in appearance could all be stark illusion

As monuments position shifts from its plateau


Years of holding strong in times of dark despair

Surface made of granite hides unstable ground

Centuries old inhabitant of home along this cliff

Could begin to crumble into sea without a sound


I am lifted up to rightful place upon my mountain steep

By ones who sought my wisdom for so very many years

Circumstances table has been turned toward my favor

Hearts I held so steady here to save me from my fears


This rock upon the bluff now returned to its proper home

Continues in it’s vigilance with new knowledge to impart

The strongest surface can be compromised from within

So keep those you love close and always in your heart





So it seems that the other day (June 28th to be exact) was the one year anniversary of my first post here on wordpress. I am not much for birthdays or anniversaries but this is one that I can accept with open arms.

Since my taking the leap and deciding to share my words with the WP public, I have made new friends, collaborated with some AMAZING writers and poets, and have had the privilege of reading some of the most creative and powerful writing I have ever known. I have learned SO MUCH from all of you and hope to continue to grow as a writer and a person as the days, months, and years continue to slip past.

May time be kind to all of our minds, bodies, spirits, and imaginations. For those are the things that make us what we are. Writers…….. This piece is for all of us. May we all continue to thrive.




 I look back fondly on a decision so hard to make

The choice to take the leap and open my life’s book

Bare my warrior soul to the unknown faceless masses

Releasing both my Demon’s and Angel’s to the ether

As my words will most assuredly never hide my true self


The strength of the written word is invincible

The intensity derived from freeing the mind to page

Is equal to that of a thousand blazing suns

With each word the power becomes greater

As knowledge is both gained and imparted


It has not always been a smooth journey

For the obstacles of self and truth are many

Scattered about along the path to enlightenment

Are the trials and tribulations that drive my pen

As past and current Demon’s vie for my imagination


Decision was made to take the leap of faith

Followed by the uncertainties of an unknown land

What if my words do not carry the weight I intend?

Perhaps they will be misconstrued or worse

The tragic fate of reaching an uninterested populace


The going was treacherous and slow at first

My voice beckoned loudly into the thinnest air

Echoing but only bringing  response of the few

The realization of my ambition was the answer

To write for oneself is the only true purpose


This knowledge was my golden key

The one single thing that freed my soul

Allowing my heart to soar and mind to break free

Free of the chains of self imposed insecurities

For this day I genuinely write for me




Angelic Absurdity

traffic-9Study Declares Los Angeles to Have Nation's Worst Traffic

Supposed “City of Angels”

Inundated by narcissism

Reality gives right of way

To falsities and trends

As a shallow people

Buried in claustrophobic

Shining metallic coffins 

Need only shallow graves


Streets of shattered hopes

Boulevards of broken glass

Shards of dreams unrealized

Are shrouded in sepia smog


Chasing immortality of name

Fame becomes all consuming

Meaningless pursuits thrive

Replacing substantial endeavors

As this so called angelic city

Falls victim to evils absurdity




Newfound Nobility


 Living day to day with a steadfast determination

A sense of self and comfort within my own skin

I find new and difficult challenges to be overcome

As I see these obstacles diminish before my eyes


These times I am so self assured were not always here

As I often found myself lost in a treacherous jungle

Filled with the uncertainty of each days sunrise

Hoping to survive to see that same sun set in the west


I now see the truth of my abilities and walk as such

Confident in my stride and relaxed in my demeanor

Surrounded by the pride, yet standing tall above

Rising to take charge of the new days adversity


Approaching harsh realities with ferocity unrivaled

Opposition will cower with sudden recognition

As my superiority becomes supremely evident

A mighty roar shakes the bones of my enemies


As the sun begins to sink on the distant horizon

I contemplate the past and the road I have taken

Filled with perilous turns and threatening twists

A blessed miracle to be sitting upon figurative throne


An overwhelming peace takes the place of past regret

As I survey the vast land of opportunity before me

Not lost to the truth of how fortunate I am to be in this place

I can now bask in the glory of my newfound nobility



Made In America


They don’t make ’em like they used to
Long gone are the many days of glory
We used to be such an immovable force
Now a different reality tells its story

Pledging allegiance meant something more
Hand over heart to show our dedication
A flag waved high and proud to represent
Ideals and truths of a superior nation

Since when did our blue collar mentality
Become the most sordid white collar crimes
As we all look back to our distant history
Grasping at straws for those simpler times

Where are our riveting Rosie’s these days
It seems old Uncle Sam has given up hope
He’s hiding in a corner tired and afraid
Ready for the hanging but not enough rope

Nation’s united with concerns in abundance
A once proud people make known their pleas
As a blessed country comes apart at the seams
Our hopes and our dreams get shipped overseas




Ripples of Escher


Sometimes I find myself on a trip inside my mind

Walking through lands that I will never understand

Worlds of abstract images and realities so surreal

People, places, and things that just should not be


Strangely I feel at home among the peculiar people

Feeling of comfort and serenity amidst this chaos

Stairways that surround, to confuse, and astound

See in the sky a flock of puzzling fishes and birds


Patterns and prints form figures out of nowhere

As kingdoms spring forth from mere imagination

Lost inside this mind’s eye I am ever awestruck

As never is witnessed an identical vision twice


I now hold before me this artist’s crystal ball

Gazing upon a reflected image of odd ideas

An echo ripples off of true artistic inspiration

As a fleeting glimpse catches a likeness of me