Pencil drawn confusion

Leading us all to wonder

Where can we find sanity

Now that life mimics art?


Which way is truly up

In a topsy turvy world?

A ceaselessly shifting

Flip flop of emotions


A genius’s artistry

Beckoning surreality

Only to be outdone

By randomness of life


Where is the gravity

When we are pulled

Into so many places

By heart and mind ?


Comfort found in chaos

Seek shelter from normality

Set your own benchmark

Walk improbable paths


Which way is truly up

Matters not any longer

We must now be content

To ask only…


Which way is FORWARD.




Dawn Of The Lion


And so another calendar year is opened to day one

Reflecting on days gone past and paths that led astray

My heart pulses in eager anticipation of change to come

As I liken myself to the mightiest of all majestic kings

Surveying my kingdom with the confidence of a Lion

At the rise of the morning sun


A picture of poise and power as I observe my domain

I shall walk with the pride and dignity familiar to my kind

The bold swagger of royalty ever present in my gait

An untamed instinct in command of my noble demeanor

My newfound strength and ferocity in abundance

As no signs of weakness remain


So now with the wisdom and courage befitting a King

I set off on my odyssey to make easy prey of my destiny

Drinking from the crystal clear waters of the river of life

While feasting on the fresh carcasses of my adversaries

Mine shall be a triumphant and glorious new empire

One of which the Angels sing.

Celestial Sentinel


  I wake once more to the light of a new day. As I shake off the cobwebs left by another peaceful night’s slumber, I have no choice but to smile. I am by myself in my quiet morning world, but by no means am I alone. My companion this day and all days prior is all around me and within my very soul. With each new day of courageous perseverance and clarity of the mind, she gains a stronger hold on my security, sanity, and peace of mind.

  Times have not always been this relaxed and carefree however. My life’s journey thus far has had great triumphs, but has also been plagued with very dark and disturbing travels through worlds of hurt and despair. Whether self inflicted or brought by the hands of others I have felt true anguish.  This wretched affliction is not abolished from my current reality now, but merely lies dormant waiting for my divine protector to lose her grasp on my safety in a momentary lapse of concentration.

  This ethereal energy that surrounds me and keeps me sheltered from the bombardment of temptation and the trickery of tragedy is unwavering in her vigilance. It must surely be an exhausting task to look after someone such as myself. Most certainly my past indiscretions, the playing of dangerous games, and my countless dances with the DEVIL have left her battle weary and burdened.

  This day my heart is rich and my spirit is light, but I must always be mindful of the fact that the dark realities of my compulsions, addictions, and deadly desires lie in wait to be the ruination of my very soul. My Guardian Angel protects me, but I must also lessen her strain by acknowledging my weaknesses and taking avoidance of the most obvious perils that remain to see me fall again. This much I owe to the one who keeps guard of my remaining sanity and protects me from myself.

  The depths of gratitude I feel for this unseen entity are immense and immeasurable. The debt I owe I can never repay. For without the divine intervention of my devoted defender, I most assuredly would have encountered a fate worse than death.

  I am happy today and my thoughts turn to hope. The hope that I will be accompanied by this true warrior spirit for the rest of my days. I want to feel her watchful eyes upon me until my proper time has come and I am peacefully carried off to the kingdom of light and love.