Full Circle


As a young and growing child 
Mental seeds were sown
He’s medicated to be mild
Side effects unknown


Said to be unmanageable
Too wild to control
Prescriptions all too viable
No care for future toll


Now this child gentle, meek
Falls victim to their taunts
Mistake this boy as being weak
He flees to sheltered haunts


Witness of horrendous things
Of which he will not speak
How can family, terror bring
His loved ones, havoc wreak


He finds his shelter safe and warm
He climbs inside his mind
His sanctuary from the storm
His thoughts help time unwind


As he grows and comes of age
He grows tired of his pills
Things to do and wars to wage
Newfound battle of the wills


He’s grown and reached maturity
After years mis-diagnosed
A dangerous threat to humanity
For no longer is he dosed


Now his head is free to think
Unclouded by that haze of mellow
To evil thoughts his focus sinks
For vengeance new voices bellow


His problem is with reality
Cruel twisting of his fate
It is Preying on his sanity
Ever filling him with hate


All those years of passive sedation
The malice that was endured
Now he realizes with exultation
His revenge can be secured


Unnoticeable from the outside
The rage within his head
A wicked smile, eyes open wide
The madman kills to see you dead


Horrific spree of death and hate
This killer caught and sent away
Caged like an animal to meet his fate
Asylum his home ’til end of days.


Far too dangerous to himself and the rest
He must be tranquilized, to take away the wild
A remedy concocted, one that seems the best
The same one it happens, he was given as a child


The anger and fury lose their grip on his mind
The memories of his childhood friend held close
Taken back to better days, now easier to find
Then five words bring clarity, “it’s time…..increase the dose”


Life and death cross paths as they wind
And all things are bound to repeat
Locked away in cage and mind
The circle is complete

15 responses to “Full Circle

  1. Omg! Scary. I thought of Ritalin as soon as I started reading it. I know a child on this and it’s not something I would ever want to do to a child. Don’t know if that’s where you were coming from but any sort of medication to control a person before looking at hundreds of different avenues is a terrifying thought.
    I felt sorry for your character here. What a life.x

    • Very intuitive. Spot on where I was coming from. I tried to leave some room for interpretation but it seemed like something I needed to get out of my system based on a conversation I had with someone who had very opposing views. So glad it found it’s mark. As always, thanks for your input and supportive comment.
      Keep writing


  2. Ooh, I love when get it. 😉
    I’m not a big believer in ADHD as a condition. I see it more as a manifestation of several possibilities that need to be addressed in other ways. I don’t get the say on how children are doctored but I wish I did. The wee one I’m thinking about is a great kid but is like a zombie on Ritalin at times. Other times it doesn’t seem to have the intended effect. Maybe because parents mess with dosages sometimes. I do know that when she’s directed to something that she can completely become engrossed in, all signs of ADHD disappear. How is that possible? Only possible surely if it is not an ever present condition but rather an inability to concentrate in ways that others can. So find other ways. Teaching methodology needs to change to accommodate multi-faceted learning. It’s happening slowly here.
    My own son at one point used to go a bit bananas till we discovered it always happened after drinking a particular soft, fizzy drink that was a lovely orangey colour. Additives. Stopped letting him have it. Sorted.
    There are other negative side-effects to Ritalin. I’m under the impression it is no longer used in certain parts of the States. We, in Britain, obviously have not caught on yet.
    Doping kids should never be an option for behavioural issues. There’s usually some other cause.
    I do go on, don’t I? 😉 x

    • That’s quite alright. I love it when something I write inspires contemplation on a level beyond that of mere entertainment. Of course there is nothing wrong with entertainment for entertainments sake. Probably why I enjoy being scared so much. LOL. Thanks again.
      Keep writing


  3. I really, really liked this poem. The rhythmic portrayal made it even more like a death march and serious yet spooky at the same time. The metaphors all melted my heart and the ending was brilliant. Absolutely brilliantly done, my friend. Great job indeed. Keep up the good work!
    -Kylie Eileen

  4. Excellent poetry! As I started to read it, I really loved the bouncy rhythm to the words which contrasted beautifully with the dark theme. I loved following the journey of this dark, disturbed and wonderfully powerful character. Well done.

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