Mirror Mirror


Mirror, mirror

Castle wall

Fairest maiden

Loved by all


Mirror, mirror

Glass so cold

For ageless beauty

Her soul is sold


Mirror, mirror

Mind plays tricks


The river Styx


Mirror, mirror

Sharpened blade

Flashing silver

Gashes made


Mirror, mirror

Struck the deal

Ageless beauty

But life to steal


Mirror, mirror

Cut so deep

Crimson lifeblood

Soul to reap


Mirror, mirror

DEVIL deceiver

Curse the BEAST

This foolish believer


Mirror, mirror

Castle wall

Soul collector

Comes to call

31 responses to “Mirror Mirror

    • Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate that you enjoyed it. Feel free to drop in anytime and see what I’ve been up to or where I have been in the past in my creative mind.
      Keep Writing


    • One of the many things I enjoy about creative writing and poetry. Everyone has the freedom to take from it whatever they see as a unique individual. WOW, a comparison to Dorian Gray. I am flattered. Thank you very much.
      Keep writing


      • Yes, I agree with scottishmomus. I has a Dorianesque touch to it mixed with Snow White. Making something old, new again. I like the first line repetition. It gives it a sing-song cadence to it.

      • Making something old new again………hmmmm. Another something for the idea bin. Thank you.
        And thank you for taking the time to let me know what you thought. I truly appreciate it and
        look forward to reading what you come up with in the future as well.
        Keep Writing


      • Yeah, absolutely. If you have any other work that you’d like to get out into the literary community, you can submit to skeletopia,wordpress.com in the submissions page. You’d have all rights to your work, it’d just be another place to get your name out their. Cheers!

  1. Wonderful poetry. I, too, love the book Dorian Gray and feel the same vibe – but I also like the fairy tale element – the evil witch speaking to her mirror. A wonderful mix.

  2. This is amazing! I agree with scottishmomus about the Dorian Grey reference. I also love how you mention the River Styx- I always felt that faerie tales are like “modern-day” mythology.

    For something that seems simple at first glance, the layers, depth and complexities are mind blowing. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am glad you found enjoyment in this piece. So glad you also apparently let it take you on a “journey of the mind”. Fairly simple in construction, but I tried to leave enough room for it to allow each reader to take his/her own direction.
      Keep inspiring


  3. it seems we enjoy each other’s writing…. to be perfectly honest with you, i hate most poetry.. find it very contrived and boring. you speak from darkness and reality… which is what i appreciate in a writer.

    • Thank you. I am glad I could bring some enjoyment to you from a form of writing you are not so fond of. I am new to poetry, and I enjoy writing flash fiction as well. Probably a bit more as it is where my writing journey started. I am glad my style speaks to you. I like to write from the dark side more often than not, because I find it more intriguing. And as far as reality? There is always something just a little bit real from my wicked world that gets portrayed in every thing I write. Whether I mean to or not. Thanks for following and drop by anytime. I will be sure to do the same.
      Keep Inspiring

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