Ode to a Sinner


She is the epitome of sexuality and desire

enshrouded in a veil of erotic debauchery.

Capturing the imagination and ensnaring the weak of flesh.

Seemingly unknowing the power she holds,

yet secretly aware of the control she wields.

She follows or leads with a vigor and enthusiasm unmatched

while bringing her own deviant twists into a most energetic reality.

Dripping with SIN she will eagerly quench your lustful thirst

while leaving your head spun and yearning for more

She is a subtle drug bottled in an addictive silken carafe.

Amazing at first glance but even more intoxicating to the initial touch.

She is an experience not to be passed over

but to be fully prepared for and immensely enjoyed.

She has the ability to captivate your mind and steal your sexual soul.

She has a given name, although I call her only My Sweetest Sinner.

A wicked act by any other name… she would still SIN as SWEET!!


25 responses to “Ode to a Sinner

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  2. Oooohhhhh —- it looks like the devil has an even more wicked muse. No wonder you write so well. You are forever tantalized and teased and must find some release!! 😉

    • Thanks. It was a fun write and contains one of my favorite lines I have ever written. That sounds braggish and I do not mean it to be but…..
      “She is a subtle drug, bottled in an addictive silken carafe” I was/am so proud of that line. LOL. gawd what an ego stroke I sound like. Sorry. Thank you for commenting, and also for taking some time to peruse my older work. You are a good blogger bud E.

    • Thank you. This was a piece I wrote for a friend a long while before I started this blog. But some of the things I had saved just had to see the light of day at JMC813. Glad you like it and enjoy your impression of the succubus. I always am amazed by the individuality poetry can have to each reader.

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