A Warrior’s Heart

This is a piece co-written by myself and my new and very special friend

Jen at Think Speak Tryst. It speaks of truths impossible to ignore, but even

more importantly, to recognize and relate. This was my first attempt at a

DUET and I owe a debt of gratitude to Jen for introducing me to such a unique

and powerful form of expression. I am truly appreciative of her letting her

“SOULSHINE” brighten my outlook. I consider myself a very lucky person to

have the privilege of knowing such a talented and caring fellow “Warrior” to

walk the paths of creativity and imagination with.  Please check out her truly

 beautiful way with thoughts and words at………



Scattered about like a million glittering stars

Are the misdirected pieces of what we were

Standing in a pool of my obvious redemption

Bleeding to know the answers, Yet I’m so unsure


A myriad of questions leave my thoughts unsettled

Frantic assessments hold my voice, I cannot speak

My mind it moves a thousand miles in seemingly a second

Do I really want to know? Is resolution what I truly seek?


In the warm light that is becoming day

I brush away the dirt of my darkened past

Mind is flooded with a million wandering war stories

Heartache, takes my breath, I begin to need you at last


At last and again, for this all feels so familiar

Past battles lost and won, my mind chases to remember

The times and places of our war torn self realities

Scattered in ashes lost in time, memories burn like embers


 I decide to walk, past the reality of what I once was

Knowing that I’ll carry my scars, until the last days of life

Cloaked in what has turned to great wisdom, contrary to common belief

Look into my heart, my eyes, inside my soul, I am finally free from  strife


The strides that push beyond the realm of cruelty self imposed

Flaws shown boldly bring it home, this point not light to make

The parade of insecurities un shelved, knowledge given to find direction

Souls are bared, and hearts are freed, for yours, mine, and others sake


This is where I stand to speak, telling you today of all my glories

Although it rains inside of my mind, I’m here today, I’ll never rewind

Glorious you, who came to be, take my wisdom, for all you see

For I am a warrior, peaceful at heart, I will continue to fight, till death do us part.


Written by JMC813 & Jen on Tryst

5 responses to “A Warrior’s Heart

  1. I seem to love this piece more, every time I read it!
    The whole story, from start to finish, tells briefly of some of the pain I have been through, self inflicted, mistake making and the heartache I’ve felt as a result of others. And it tells that I am strong and you can’t beat me down. I will not quit or be defeated, without trying, and trying, and trying till I can try no more …

    And here, with you, JMC, you willed in the spaces in-between so perfectly, with the words of your own trials and tribulations. Such honesty, such emotion … this piece is really good, I must say … and I’m proud that I got to write it with you.

    Thank you for that. 🙂

    Oh, and the things you said above … kindness and appreciation, I give you in return. And I say ‘Ditto’ to that because I too feel the same about you, dear friend. I think that you and I have more great things to say and write about. I look forward to sharing those words and moments with the universe, with anyone who gives us their eyes & heart, to see and soak up our life’s chapters as we express them with words.

    A fine first Duet, you have here!!
    It is most excellent J!!

    (Oh, And I love that you are a fellow ‘J’ person!!! People with ‘J’ names rock!!! … lol …)

    Have a beautiful day today amigo!!

  2. How blessed am I to have found such a good friend and fellow imagination to draw inspiration from. I look forward to our future collaborations with eager anticipation.
    I too am proud of this piece. Till we write again…..
    Keep inspiring


  3. “Cloaked in what has turned to great wisdom, contrary to common belief” – I love it! This is a great piece you guys wrote. Beauty for ashes (as admittedly cliché’ as that is)… people have applied that to me after reading some of my posts here. With that beauty comes “wisdom”- if we let it in and see it for what it is… and what it is not! You use the words self-imposed- that and self-inflicted are recurring words in my poetry (maybe see my “Self-Inflicted Disaster” poem). I guess being as intent with the positive- gaining wisdom from the difficulties of my past, helping others who are so far down and estranged from hope to see even a ray of light, and fighting to stay clean/sober at all costs, are some of what embodies the “beauty” part. It’s nice to be able to recognize beauty without the deadly fog always hovering around me- at least it’s not as thick! Thanks for the follow and the comments- they inspire hope!

  4. This is an absolutely gorgeous piece, you two make a remarkable pair, you must write again -you must, you must.

    I totally got soaked up in the story, the emotions…so many beautiful lines, so much to draw out of it, a truly great piece, really loved reading what you two have created.

  5. Thanks Oz. This was my first ever DUET and I owe it to Jen for introducing me to such a fun, expressive, challenging, and important part of my Journey with words.
    So if ya see this Jen, Thanks again. lol. And we will write again I promise. We actually have something in the works as we speak that has been put on hold due to the busy pace of real life. But hopefully it will continue soon.

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