12 responses to “Cold Steel

  1. Death .. such a dark paradox ..
    Where do we go?

    I wonder all the time .. since I lost my brither, my best friend .. I have a deeper connection with death .. and where our energy goes .. ?

    X●X● ~ Jen

    • Where our energy goes. Hmmmm……. Okay another idea to explore. The pile is starting to get a bit out of control. Why I love WordPress though. Sharing creative experiments all while drawing inspiration from the talents of other wonderful imaginations.
      Keep writing


      • Yes indeed. I couldn’t agree more. Not everyone can express themselves through language and words .. and for those of us who can, we are a group of beautifully sensitive, heartfelt, experienced, intelligent, creative and fearlessly expressive of all of our vulnerable emotions. We are also strong enough to put ourselves out there, souls on display with words, and put ourselves in a place where we are criticized and picked apart → even judged more so than others because we aren’t affraid to stand up. That’s just a little bit of my psyche tonight … sorry 😉 I got off on a tangent there! XoXo

      • Oh that rocks!!!
        In case you sent an email my way already, I may have erased it or missed it because I just NOW saw this comment!! If that is so, I am very sorry:( .. Lots going on in my life. Please get an email to me, again if you already did, and we will go from there!! I’ll tell you all about the Duets .. they are super fun and simple and have an element of surprise that is really cool to experience with another writer!! again my email is: jfever0536@yahoo

        Hope to hear from you soon!! Make sure to put something in the title that I will recognize!!! (I get a lot of emails!!)

        XOXO – have a beautiful day!!

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