Grateful New Horizons


When is it possible to find a little time

Solely to sit and respectfully listen?

A momentary pause in a breakneck pace

To see our reflection in dew drops glisten


We wake to the sound of life in high gear

After a night of fitful meandering dreams

Grinding our way through monotonous days

Continuously stifling glass shattering screams


Solitary warriors in a seemingly hopeless battle

Our pride fights alone until fatigue wins the day

Weary minds grasp at our fractured shards of sanity

We are overwrought as more battalions join the fray


Needless is the only word for such cerebral bloodshed

When a cease-fire can be close at hand within our mind

Seek out the silent warriors of tribe and spiritual nation

Guardians of such beautiful new horizons we shall find


A powerful armada wielding strong protective unity

Will keep us wrapped in a peaceful crystalline energy

 Never again will our negativity abscond with all the light

If we humbly accept the guidance of a newfound synergy


We must now find our place to sit in perfect silence

Giving thanks to our spirits, guardians, and guides

Knowing in full faith and complete gratitude

That it is they who help in turning favorable tides


A quiet mind’s eye can see into infinity

Only if it is truly grateful for the ability


Winged Elegance


Stunning vision capturing my gaze

Enraptured by sheer ethereal grace

The epitome of mysterious beauty

Carries me off to far better a place


A wingspan envied by the angels

The magnificence of effortless flight

An apparition of vibrant agility

Out of my reach but well within sight


This soaring miracle beckons me

 I take shelter under golden wing

Protected from dissonant existence

As celestial choruses start to sing


Drifting and dancing as if upon a cloud

Weightless of burden in spirits presence

Heavenly peace envelops profound slumber

As I am transported by winged elegance