Topsy Turvy Timothy

Bare with me folks. I saw this image as an opportunity to challenge myself a bit and also have a little fun. You might even call this an “experimental” piece. Ha!


A dapper man tips his hat to an all seeing eye

As an owl flies below asking not Who but Why?

The green grass grows thick, way up in the sky

Blue heavens underfoot, so deep or maybe high?


The man walks with purpose along jagged aisle

Cobbled path of peaks reach down a country mile

This sharp dressed man, well above rank and file

Acknowledges the owl with a nod and a smile


Tree trunks alongside determine his destination

What could be cause for gentleman’s migration?

What brings this aristocrat of such a high station?

On psychedelic journey transcending imagination


Black and white multicolored world so hard to find

A kaleidoscopic universe before his eyes to unwind

Our man about town so cuttingly sharp and refined

Leads the charge through vast expanses of the mind