Angelic Absurdity

traffic-9Study Declares Los Angeles to Have Nation's Worst Traffic

Supposed “City of Angels”

Inundated by narcissism

Reality gives right of way

To falsities and trends

As a shallow people

Buried in claustrophobic

Shining metallic coffins 

Need only shallow graves


Streets of shattered hopes

Boulevards of broken glass

Shards of dreams unrealized

Are shrouded in sepia smog


Chasing immortality of name

Fame becomes all consuming

Meaningless pursuits thrive

Replacing substantial endeavors

As this so called angelic city

Falls victim to evils absurdity




11 responses to “Angelic Absurdity

  1. Great poem! This is so very true. Driving around L.A. you see the wealthy people, snotty and oblivious, and then a block over skid row, which is so awful and sad. I’m always struck by these vivid images, of gorgeous buildings, mixed with graffiti, and people walking past broken souls on the sidewalks, whenever I venture into the city.

    • Thanks. I am a Northern Ca. native so a bit of prejudice is built in, but I just can’t get behind anything the LA area has to offer. From the fakes and trendy fad graspers, to the plastic people, all the way down to the homeless and the devastating poverty level. The whole vibe is just toxic. Just like the air quality. Sorry if you have to see it often, but hope you can find some beauty somewhere. I do like the San Diego area. Some beauty to be found there. Thanks for dropping in, reading and commenting.

  2. As much as I love to travel and explore, LA has never appeared on my “Wish” list. And now your poem has sealed that deal for me! I do love large cities, but I love cities that still hold onto character and embrace diversity in a positive way. I love cities that value their residents. I love the South (as you know) but I think I’ll stay away from Southern CA.

    • Northern Ca. would be the ticket for you. San Francisco is a beautiful city if you tour it right. And anywhere in the Northern Sierra mountains is awesome. My favorite place in the world is Lake Tahoe. Gonna be going back there end of July for a week like I do every year. Can’t wait.

  3. Dear JMC,
    That’s why I don’t live here anymore!
    I Love this Sensational piece! Needless to say This installment Resonated Deeply! I grew up in the San Fernando Nothing has changed Sadly its only intensified as the years have gone by.

    • San Fernando Valley……lol. Isn’t that also known as Porn Valley? LMAO Don’t ask how I know that. But yeah, I find the fakeness, dirtiness, and general vibe of that whole area rather repulsive.

  4. L.A. is most definitely filthy, but the beaches are some of the finest anywhere. La Jolla is my all time favorite, but I guess that is a bit removed from the city itself. Great description.

    • I have no problems with the San Diego area and I also enjoyed La Jolla when I was down there years ago. It is pretty much the LA/Hollywood/Pasadena etc. area that repulses me.

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