Rise To The Occasion

waking the dead

Once again an infrequent occasion is upon us

The time when calendar coincides with moon

In night sky our lunar bystander shines full

As if to cast a spotlight on dire circumstance


Time has arrived for the quiet to be interrupted

As the silent ones shall once again be heard

Some recently suppressed, others quelled for ages

Mystic prophecy proclaims they shall rise again


As the world turns, so now does the sacred earth

Coming alive with such a terrifying resurrection

Souls of the wrongfully dead reunite with mortal remains

As the unholiest of all reanimations comes into being


From the ancient natives ruthlessly killed for their land

To innocent bystanders taken away from family and love

All shall now be given a chance at vengeful retribution

Their time for retaliation is upon us as corpses walk again


A reclamation of life to seek vengeance has been granted

With an evil twist that could not be expected or prevented

 Innocent and guilty alike shall fall victim to this uprising

There will be no escaping this insurrection of the damned


So hastily say your prayers, make peace with your maker

Plead that your fate should be dealt swiftly and mercifully

For our time has run out and the tables have been turned

Predestined apocalypse on this Friday the 13th’s full moon













19 responses to “Rise To The Occasion

  1. Bloody hell! Have a nice day! lol I just had visions of Michael Jackson and a host of the undead dancing to this. Excellently creepy. Thank gawd I’m not superstitious about this day. But if I do have nightmares I’ll know who to blame. 😉

  2. LOL. I love a full moon and have always seen the number 13 as more of a lucky number to be honest. Little secret. My anti superstition of the numbers 8 and 13 have a little something to do with my WP handle. SHHHhhhhhh……… Don’t tell.
    I like the darker scarier side and couldn’t pass up a Friday the 13th that just happens to coincide with a full moon now could I? No nightmares now okay? Be well my friend.

  3. (((Awhoooo)))
    Howling at the Fucking Moon
    Great poem.
    I definiltey need this on my blog
    I’m reblogging without permission and if you stop i’ll bite

  4. As if dealing with kids now on summer break wasn’t hard enough, I now need to worry about Zombies?? 😉 I’m not superstitious either, but I went into labor with my oldest on a Friday the 13th — and told the nurses he would NOT be born until the 14th even if I had to hold him inside with my hands!! LOL — he was born on the 14th if that tells you anything about my determination! 😉 Wonderfully dark and scary write, John!!! Hope you are well!

    • Thank you D. I admire much about you. I am adding uncompromising determination to the list. I felt it necessary to recapture my dark fictional side and a Friday the 13th that coincides with a full moon seemed like a no brainer.
      GET IT?!?! ZOMBIES!!! No Brainer!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAA
      I kill me. Anyway, the date combined with my love for the Walking Dead TV series made me want to combine the two somehow.

    • “Frighteningly Delicious.” I am loving your way with words. I wish I had more time to continue reading your work but must be off. I shall return soon and often though I am sure. Looking forward to it honestly.
      Thank you for the kind comment.

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