Writers Daemon Conquered


It never shows it’s ghastly face when I am idle

Only appearing as I become inspired to create

My imagination runs wild with artistic vision

As words flow effortlessly onto the blank page


This is when my own Bogeyman comes calling

It’s sole purpose being the thievery of ideas

And the ruination of such splendid thought

Creeping into my mind as I put pen to paper

What were once bountiful images and words

Become frozen under the thick ice of his rule


 How does one conquer such an invincible foe?

A question I have grappled with again and again

Battle with this evil demon ensues once more

As I  come upon an epiphany that will set me free


My antagonist must feel threatened by thought

He is surely afraid of the power held in the pen

So I must slay him with the sword of creativity

Write him away with the bane of his existence

Paint him under the ice he uses to imprison art

Destroy him forever with ceaseless imagination


So as I now put pen to paper and ink to the page

His mastery over me dissipates and disappears

As this infamous creature known to all who write

Cowers at the presence of perception and slinks away

Vanishing more quickly and quietly than he arrived

Leaving me in peace to carry on with my inspirations




12 responses to “Writers Daemon Conquered

    • This is not always the case, but typically once I have a solid idea and inspiration, and the writers daemon is held at bay, my pieces are written in one sitting. Usually once the floodgates open and I have a feel for it the process goes fairly quickly.

      • Thanks. I really wish the song writing thing came as easily. I never really had the chops for that type of creativity. I was a decent player when I had the dedication and drive, but my writing abilities always lacked in my own opinion. But I LOVE words and am never afraid to use a thesaurus (my favorite dinosaur LOL). So my passion for words keeps me writing

      • Thanks. I am kind of a life lyricist as it is. I write the words that tell the story of my life and observations. lol. I couldn’t handle just being a lyricist when it comes to music though. I was all about playing when I took my music seriously. Nothing better (okay one thing better) than the adrenaline produced by the nervous energy, electricity, loud music, and an enthusiastic crowd. Look who I am telling. I am thinking that these are things you are very familiar with. Keep rockin CBXB

  1. So glad you found the way to keep that demon at bay. I don’t know what I would do if I don’t have your words to look forward to. Awesome poem, friend.

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