Winged Elegance


Stunning vision capturing my gaze

Enraptured by sheer ethereal grace

The epitome of mysterious beauty

Carries me off to far better a place


A wingspan envied by the angels

The magnificence of effortless flight

An apparition of vibrant agility

Out of my reach but well within sight


This soaring miracle beckons me

 I take shelter under golden wing

Protected from dissonant existence

As celestial choruses start to sing


Drifting and dancing as if upon a cloud

Weightless of burden in spirits presence

Heavenly peace envelops profound slumber

As I am transported by winged elegance



19 responses to “Winged Elegance

  1. I am imagining you must have flying dreams too. Aren’t they wonderful. I really think god missed an opportunity not giving us wings. Unless, of course, he preferred the idea of listening to the words of poets describe the experience so beautifully.

    • I do have flying dreams. I have written about it a couple times. I think the fact that we cannot fly is a prompt for the mind to imagine limitless possibilities.

  2. Somehow I see you more as the angel with golden wings than one that takes shelter under them. 😉 Beautiful write!!

    • This started out as a dream angel piece, and as I was proofreading I realized that it is actually about a merciful angel of death and a crossing over. At least that is how it read to me. It is obviously open to anyone’s individual interpretation. Thank you so for the flattery as well D. You are such a special friend.

      • I think it can be interpreted as an angel of mercy (without the death) most definitely. I read it as an angel and protector — which you certainly are!

      • YES. It did also have a “celestial sentinel” ( a previous piece) feel to it as well. There are apparently many layers to this angelic onion. LOL.

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