Newfound Nobility


 Living day to day with a steadfast determination

A sense of self and comfort within my own skin

I find new and difficult challenges to be overcome

As I see these obstacles diminish before my eyes


These times I am so self assured were not always here

As I often found myself lost in a treacherous jungle

Filled with the uncertainty of each days sunrise

Hoping to survive to see that same sun set in the west


I now see the truth of my abilities and walk as such

Confident in my stride and relaxed in my demeanor

Surrounded by the pride, yet standing tall above

Rising to take charge of the new days adversity


Approaching harsh realities with ferocity unrivaled

Opposition will cower with sudden recognition

As my superiority becomes supremely evident

A mighty roar shakes the bones of my enemies


As the sun begins to sink on the distant horizon

I contemplate the past and the road I have taken

Filled with perilous turns and threatening twists

A blessed miracle to be sitting upon figurative throne


An overwhelming peace takes the place of past regret

As I survey the vast land of opportunity before me

Not lost to the truth of how fortunate I am to be in this place

I can now bask in the glory of my newfound nobility



15 responses to “Newfound Nobility

  1. I love the confidence and assurance that resonates throughout this piece while still maintaining a sense of humility!! I hope you are well, friend!

    • Thank you D. I am SO glad to see you catching up with my work. I hope YOU are doing well. I have been pretty good myself. As far as this piece goes, without humility the feeling of nobility would be false or at the very least shallow. Thanks for dropping in.

      • I apologize for neglecting your blog and our friendship. Hopefully I will not be a stranger any longer!!!

      • Good to hear. Please no worries on being away. Everybody needs a little time and space to get things in proper order from time to time. How do you think this Lion found his Nobility?

    • Thanks friend. I have seen some difficult times. Never been more thankful for the strength to fight through adversity. Had a lot of help.

    • Nope. I am actually a Libra (Remember my issues with balance and perfection?) I have always seen myself as a Lion however and am fascinated with the Mightiest creature of them all. Perhaps in a former reality I roamed the jungle.

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