A word to the wise if you’ll lend me an ear

Not venturing out will leave nothing to fear

I say this to you so that you may make a choice

For those who stay hidden will not have a voice


Answers to the questions that endlessly arise

Can only be recognized with wide open eyes

Assuming no risk assures no chance to win

Cowards and fools doomed before they begin


Pay close attention to what’s left far behind

Remember your past as you let the future unwind

Meet each and every challenge with ferocity and style

Take on every adversary, then just eat ’em and smile


Wear proudly the scars earned with courage and pride

Your purpose holds true wherever your heart may reside

A leap of faith can’t be measured in mere time or distance

To become stronger is to follow the path of most resistance


The bravest of warriors all become burdened with fears

Fighting on through sheer courage forging newer frontiers

Triumphant are the ones who draw blood for hearts glory

Seeing not a book close but the birth of a brand new story



So it seems that the other day (June 28th to be exact) was the one year anniversary of my first post here on wordpress. I am not much for birthdays or anniversaries but this is one that I can accept with open arms.

Since my taking the leap and deciding to share my words with the WP public, I have made new friends, collaborated with some AMAZING writers and poets, and have had the privilege of reading some of the most creative and powerful writing I have ever known. I have learned SO MUCH from all of you and hope to continue to grow as a writer and a person as the days, months, and years continue to slip past.

May time be kind to all of our minds, bodies, spirits, and imaginations. For those are the things that make us what we are. Writers…….. This piece is for all of us. May we all continue to thrive.




 I look back fondly on a decision so hard to make

The choice to take the leap and open my life’s book

Bare my warrior soul to the unknown faceless masses

Releasing both my Demon’s and Angel’s to the ether

As my words will most assuredly never hide my true self


The strength of the written word is invincible

The intensity derived from freeing the mind to page

Is equal to that of a thousand blazing suns

With each word the power becomes greater

As knowledge is both gained and imparted


It has not always been a smooth journey

For the obstacles of self and truth are many

Scattered about along the path to enlightenment

Are the trials and tribulations that drive my pen

As past and current Demon’s vie for my imagination


Decision was made to take the leap of faith

Followed by the uncertainties of an unknown land

What if my words do not carry the weight I intend?

Perhaps they will be misconstrued or worse

The tragic fate of reaching an uninterested populace


The going was treacherous and slow at first

My voice beckoned loudly into the thinnest air

Echoing but only bringing  response of the few

The realization of my ambition was the answer

To write for oneself is the only true purpose


This knowledge was my golden key

The one single thing that freed my soul

Allowing my heart to soar and mind to break free

Free of the chains of self imposed insecurities

For this day I genuinely write for me