The Locket (Eternal Dream)


She carries it with her always and everywhere


Around her neck or clutched tightly in hand


This delicate piece of jewelry holds her world


Contains the mysteries of her exquisite elegance


A heart shaped golden locket of  hopes and dreams


Within it exists all the things she cannot shine without


The reasons for her flawless, heart stopping beauty


As well as the cause of her inner strengths and desires


It holds the enchantment to bring her into her dreams


While providing her with a most pleasant place to dwell


Surrounds her with friends of the vast animal kingdom


To keep her company and provide occasional counsel


As she is led to her fated haven by two of a feathered kind


One brilliant white and brought by the warmth of the sun


The other pitch black and warning of the dangers of the light


Such guidance she receives only within her endless dreams


This brilliantly shining bauble both a blessing and a curse


Holding the power to set her free, yet keeps her captive


Tricks her into the serenity of  such peaceful dreams


While her waking world crumbles to dust all around


Yes, this spellbinding trinket holds her mesmerized


Filling her with the same false hopes that befell her kin


Truth be told of the origin of this treasured lavaliere


Stunning pendant was ever so cleverly crafted from sin