Here And Now


“Once upon a time” is how all the fairy tales begin

Dreams of fantastic “Happily ever afters” take hold

We read of far away lands and times beyond reach

Life’s important lessons and strong morals get told


It seems now we get trapped looking forward or back

Reminiscing all too fondly on our “Good old days”

While gazing at the horizon for brighter futures ahead

When there is one very important point I must raise


I must make a case for the Latin words “Carpe Diem”

As the time for looking forward or behind has ended

Seize the day good people, Make every minute count

Take this moment to see that all bridges get mended


Because as I see it, the truth is bright and clear as day

Take my hand, walk with me, I’ll show what fates allow

The past has long gone away, and the future is yet to be

But our “Once upon a time” comes right here and now


14 responses to “Here And Now

  1. And THIS is why you are one of my best friends — your talent, wisdom, perspective and love of life!!! Thank you for the reminder, John!!! Much love to you, here and now!!!

    • Thank you D. That means so much to me. Just seems I see everyone either reminiscing or waiting for something good to happen. Time is short people. Do something with NOW!!!! LOL. I am guilty of it too though. Far too often, so perhaps I am reminding myself as well? No perhaps. That is exactly what I am doing.

      • I wasn’t about to call you out on that … not publicly anyway!!! LOL I am much too guilty of wishing my life away.

  2. NICE! Was a killer last line! Such a great reminder message. So very true. All we really HAVE is right now. Not sure why there is such an attraction to escaping the moment… So easy to miss what “is”. Then what is becomes what’s past and we are experiencing the is’s when they’ve turned into “weres”! I’m overthinking at this point (and sadly, could go on), but I appreciate anchoring reminders! Happy valentines day!

    • Happy V-day to you too E. I love your ramblings here. We have very similar senses of humor it seems. And as much as others will groan and roll their eyes, WE will always get it. I crack myself up, and an eye roll is as good as a laugh to me. It spells “Mission Accomplished”. Have a good one and thanks for reading.

    • I chose the image I did because it is such a perfect metaphor for what I am saying. When I first glanced at it I said HUH, road sign, as my eyes were immediately drawn to the clouds and blue sky in the distance. It is really the perfect testament to the piece. Heavy SIGH………………

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