The Leap


Some call it the leap of faith

Which may be the case

To others it is the comfort of trust

For both are things I chase


 This world of seeing is believing

In a state of disbelief

An utter question mark upon my mind

Answers would bring relief


Wondering aloud brings no response

As I fall to tired knees

Curious about the wise sage’s smile

Oh, to see what it is he sees


An epiphany from his piercing gaze

As I realize that I must

Take this leap that others took

Finding faith and learning trust


21 responses to “The Leap

  1. Nicely expressed. Faith and trust are tricky little beasties! I had to really seek to find. Some circumstances require more than others. I’m certainly better than I used to be, but my faith gets tested and I fail more often than I’d like. Guess that’s part of it… Failing is part of the strengthening process. I wish you all the faith and trust you need when you need it!

    • I have been guilty of both having too LITTLE faith and too MUCH trust. Finding the proper balance of both is truly a craft I have not yet mastered. There I go talking balance again. You would think I was a Libra or something. LOL.

      Get this though…… I just realized that the small amount of faith I have today is in relation to the times I was burned by having too much trust. I will need to think on that some.

      Thanks for reading and providing supportive comments E. I appreciate you to no end.

      • Not to sound like I have no faith or trust anymore. I actually have quite a bit most days. My being alive today is proof positive that there is something guiding me. THAT is where I need to direct my trust. Then I may trust others, but always with a healthy bit of skepticism until I know who/what is truly genuine. Faith in the fact that I no longer run the “John Show” is important. Too much me is a dangerous thing I have discovered.

      • “Too much me is a dangerous thing.” I figure that’s a good backwards on the forehead tattoo everyone needs! The mirror would be even more useful than it already us (okay, maybe useful is a relative notion with a mirror). Faith, for me, had to really be adjusted, I guess you could say. I had lots of belief in God, but my faith was in me and my questionable intellect. Very misplaced! It took a few months after getting clean/sober to start to understand this and begin to shift, via surrender, to faith in God, my higher power. I still “relapse” into old “I got this” thinking, but I’m much better…and “much better” for it.

        Trust is trickier for me. I was just thinking hard on the subject the past couple of days actually. I’ve recently had a couple of experiences where I found myself dangerously and carelessly trusting of strangers… Like “end up in pieces in someone’s freezer” trusting. Most recent was Thursday’s hike. That’s really old behavior… And short of the fact that I kept my limbs and head, I’ve suffered my share if traumatic burns as a result of this problem in thinking in the past. I trust most EVERYONE, assuming all are genuinely good and well intentioned. Strange when considering my past… A full on enigma if ya ask me! Paradoxically, I mistrust people who actually are well-intended??! Very backwards, and I wonder how much that’s a combination of self destructive and keep people who might actually get close to me at arms length??! Hmmm… That was a thought that just popped up, never thought about that????!!

        Wow… This is a “thanks for letting me share” moment!! Thanks for letting me share!

      • Okay I have to say I am astounded by the similarities we have with trust, and the giving or withholding of it. Luckily my past experience has informed my sensibilities, but my first instinct always seems to be trust. Maybe a byproduct of being a kid in a much safer and simpler time? Who knows. But trust can be a very dangerous thing to misuse. I am glad this struck a nerve with you and caused some self reflection. I truly enjoy your analytical side, and love your ponderings. Keep letting go of the wheel, or at least don’t grip it so tight. I tend to white knuckle at times too. That is a bad place for me to be. Be well my dear friend.

  2. I often think the reason the sage smiles is because he’s learned to grasp at little and care for less. I think of Yoda’s “Do or do not.” Do not can be an act. There is no try but there can be an epic failing of leaping and finding no ground. Either way, there are times the leapt must be taken. At least for me, that’s how it has been.

    • I also think the sage smiles out of amusement at how we all try to control the uncontrollable, and drive ourselves mad in the process. “Grasp at little and care for less” I like that. Hold tightly to only what you truly need, and let wants and wishes take lowest priority. Unless those wants and wishes happen to be for others.

  3. Some call it the leap of faith

    Which may be the case

    To others it is the comfort of trust

    For both are things I chase

    – Love how that first stanza flows. The entire piece is beautiful, but these lines just did it for me. Great poem 🙂

  4. And you go and open a whole can of worms I do my best to avoid. So I will avoid the subjects and just tell you that I adore your writing and seeing your words on my screen warms my heart, regardless of subject matter.

  5. Love. Interesting that the faith you have today relates to times burned when having too much trust. I get this so completely. It’s like a testing from life and when we can rise again from disappointments and hardships we know we have the faith to go on.
    A beautifully reflective piece. Something we all aspire to and may find comfort in when we capture. Even in odd moments.
    Deffo Libran traits in this. Though I too seek that balance and I’m not a Libran!
    So much to love in this. But I’ll stop. 😉 x

    • Thank you so much. It is a challenge to strike the right balance between faith and trust. Especially when neither should ever be given too freely. You have to pick your spots wisely. This is why the sage is so envied. Be well my friend and keep inspiring

  6. I needed to read this John, it’s such a simple thing, yet so easy to forget, thank you for penning it; it’s beautiful with it’s honesty and insight; a most excellent bit of writing. x

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