I find myself cast adrift in a violent sea of uncertainty

River of life runs thick with the blood of my insecurities

Longing for the return of the calm preceding the storm

Treading water as I seek the comfort of predictable ground

The swift currents of change and strong tides of transition

Leave me weary, disillusioned, and all alone

Ocean’s Majesty (Lady of the Sea)

While reading through my new friend Desiree’s blog site, and becoming an instant fan of her creative and passionate talent with words, I ran across the namesake poem of her site “Sea Of Desire”. I was instantly floored by it’s tragic beauty and was inspired to expand on it with her permission. Please check it out and see part one of this piece  for yourself  as well as see what else she has in store for you. You can find “Sea Of Desire” at http://seaofdesire.wordpress.com/2013/11/13/sea-of-desire/

Thank you D. for allowing me the privilege of continuing your story 

1 ocean

Suddenly my ears are sharply alerted
Sounds of distant cries bring chills
Reverberating through the trees
Directly from the waters edge

Not the customary song of sirens
Nor Poseidons furious commands
Something different…





Growing weaker

I make my way to the sea with haste
As desperations urgent call demands
I arrive to look upon tumultuous ocean
A violent skirmish between the tides.
I scan the depths for outcry’s source
As a myriad of sea creatures wage war

My surprise and dismay overwhelm me
As I watch briny blue turn crimson red
My eyes look upon raw beauty
As it is thrashed violently about
Murky depths fill with scarlet clouds
Cascading from her bleeding heart

No hesitation holds me back as I charge
Bravely through the dangerous surf
Extricating fair maiden from coral razors
Delivering her exhausted figure to the shore

I lay this broken and bleeding vision gently down
Her weakened loveliness tenderly graces the sand
Softly I begin to breathe my existence into hers
Whispers of my life fill her heart and soul
Slowly she comes alive in my embrace
Her wounds swiftly heal as if by magic
As warmth and passion returns to her lips

She opens her eyes to reveal true brilliance
As captivatingly vast as the eternal sky
Delivered sweetly by her piercing gaze
I can see deeply into her delicate soul

I am mesmerized by the flames of endless love
As they flicker and dance in the distance

How I now yearn to be lost in those eyes.
Forever in harmony with passions heartsong
To be in full command of every dangerous curve
Yet a slave to her silken, sultry seduction

Every fibre of my being cries out in frustrated agony
As I am stricken with most assured recognition
That this wild heart can never be tamed

I shall never know the elation of her spirit
Never feel the ecstasy her touch provides
For she truly belongs to the ocean
This exquisite lady of the sea

I am left with an insatiable longing
An overwhelming ache to be set free
Cast adrift in a neverending

“Sea of Life”


Each morning I wake to begin my seemingly endless journey anew
The tide is in and it is time to navigate these rough waters once again
This intricate dance with the waves, the ebb and flow of inconsistent surf
Unendingly vast and fathoms deep, I question my ability to stay on course
I look to the sky and the brightest stars above to guide my way back home
Which are arrows toward my destination, and which exist only to confuse my route?
Occasionally afloat, yet often submerged while the pressures of the deep constrict
The times I feel I am riding the crest of the highest waves are frequently replaced
Interchanged with the feeling that I am sinking. Drowning in the murky depths
Oh, how I am longing to feel the strength of solid earth beneath my weary feet
I scan the horizon far and wide for the sight of sacred ground to call my new home
Again this angry sea threatens to take from me any and all remaining sanity
To leave me lost and floating aimlessly across the expanses of my clearly pointless voyage
As I rock fore and aft with the rolling rise and fall of the ever growing swells
It dawns on me that I have become more than accustomed to the constant motion
In tumultuous storm or the tranquility of a gentle sea, I discover an inner calm
My reality is now as clear to me as the sunset in the distant oceanic horizon
This turmoil is not what drives me mad but rather gives me the balance I need
For me, without a stormy actuality there can be no true peace of mind or strength of spirit
The clouds part and the waters become still as this nautical realization comes to be
This ocean of uncertainty, this “Sea of Life” if you will, is exactly where I belong