Primary Colors


Hard times have fallen upon our weary warrior

Weak with the disease of this modern society

Greed sires poverty; hunger fed with indifference

Power as compulsion the root cause of our anxiety


False prophets bring promises of a new and better way

Under a noble flag that cloaks the truth of avarice 

How can a wolf go undeterred after the wool is pulled?

Exposing the dangerously emaciated and ravenous


Take a moment to recall the comfort found in freedom

We must remember the purpose of our banners waving

See our horizon at sunset once the smoke of “progress” clears

Take back our patriotic right and for it stand unwavering


Time has come for the sheep to reclaim the pasture

Bring back the pride in what was always tried and true

Rest assured that our colors will continue to never run

Recognize these primary colors as our Red, White and Blue


The Dotted Line


What does it all mean

When status quo can’t be seen?

The differences are being made from off the beams

While this mad, mad world comes apart at the seams


I’m sorry I don’t take direction very well

My drummer leads a march not started by your bell

So I must inform you of what may seem a jagged pill

I never have and it seems I most certainly never will


Lines are not to denote the placement of colors on a page

Confinement within the boundaries can be likened to a cage

Dotted lines should only be cut and never ever signed upon

To this way of thinking, it is the artists that first catch on


Mindless drones will always follow the nearest border

 What we need is a quick and effective cure for this disorder

Go outside and let the world give you reason to believe

Think outside the box and count the gifts you then receive


Remember that a blank page holds endless possibilities

While cleaning of the slate is meant to sharpen our abilities

 Our need to fall in line has imprisoned freedom of expression

Cut away the dotted line and restore our most prized possession


So let me tell you what I think it all means

In this dominion of stick figure Kings and Queens

Lines may only be drawn if they are traced in grains of sand

Allowing the surf of creativity to wash them clean with gentle hand

Timeless Query

Vladimir Kush 1965 - Russian painter - The Surreal Landscapes - Tutt'Art@

Which came first?

A pointless question unless balanced

With the knowledge of purpose


One cannot exist without the other

Each has its critical role to play

Within this unending prosperity


It matters not at all

Which witnessed the first dawn

As both are of equal importance


Yet the debate lives

Not merely to continue, but to thrive

In the tiny minds of the short sighted


All the while

The balance is kept steady

By the strength of Libran harmony


Unwavering are these scales

Under the monumental strain of confusion

One true purpose shines in bright crystalline


Order is of no importance

When coexistence is ruled by synchronicity

And the greater purpose is fulfilled


Ruled over by perfect balance

Under protection of a devoted Pisces sky  

No limits shall ever exist


To those who ask meaningful questions


Machine Head


Can you hear it?

Some would say it is the sound of progress

I beg to disagree

I hear it as nothing more than a dissonant cacophony

The gears turning

No more oil to be applied to the squeaky wheel

Begging for attention

It gets overlooked as the madness overwhelms

The clock ticks

As numerous cogs spin in a pointless frenzy

Inner compass dead

Cracked and crippled without clear direction

Pushing and pulling

One side not knowing the purpose of the other

Grinding and screeching

This is surely the sound of progress denied

Smokestacks billow

Thoughts of growth and development fuel the fire

Belly of the beast

Ravenous for our never ending pursuit of futility

Fed very well

By the rapidly declining machine head

On The Clock (Times Have Changed)


Up and At’em

Another day another dollar

Isn’t that what they say

Ad Nauseam?


What happens

When the days get too long

And nights bring no peace

Once again?


Tales get told

Of the good old days

When a dollar was worth

One day


Where are they?

Those good old days spoken of

So fondly that pride swells

In a job well done


Unrecognizable now

The times when a hard days work

Rewarded handsomely in kind

With hard play


Time flies

Is another quote easily forgotten

For how can time fly when

A sundial has no wings?


Time stands ever still

Tick tocking, Tick mocking

While we drudge through our days

Forever “On The Clock”



These quiet times cherished

Alone with my thoughts

To solve a world of concerns

Or to ponder insignificances


A price cannot be assigned

To the importance of solitude

An entire wholeness of being

At one with my surroundings


A penny for my thoughts?

Why, I could give you change

Sometimes my thoughtful look

Has absolutely nothing behind it


Treasured and rare my moments

Where the troubles of the world

Kneel before me in surrender

So I may meditate on their demise


A jungle full of hardships

Or a raging sea of monotony

Can be solved within this time

Of solitary thought and purpose

Number One With A Bullet

Not even sure where this piece came from as I am neither a pro or anti gun activist in any way. I do however believe in every Americans civil right to bear arms, but see irresponsibility and neglect of epic proportion as a huge epidemic in our country. This piece is neither pro or anti gun, just my poetic take on something I was thinking about upon seeing this image.


It is a brand new day

As we kneel and pray

Our Lord and Saviour

Of violent behaviour


Tools of a trade

Elaborately made

Wielded with respect

Not careless neglect


Put to the test

Of civil unrest

Violence begets

So many regrets


At war with a nation

In constant degradation

Now Tommy’s got a gun

And a life on the run


Find everlasting peace

As peacemakers cease

Call to arms for protection

Or enthusiast’s collection


In a hunters line of sight

Every American’s right

Bearing the arms necessary

 To bolster our military


 No answer in firearms extinction

A simple yet brilliant distinction

Eradication is not the answer

When irresponsibility is the cancer

The Rock


Standing alone on this ancient hallowed ground

I’ve watched the tides and absorbed the rain

I have been the calm and steady presence

Strength and inspiration to those in dire pain


Steady as she goes, and nothing seems amiss

Not visible is the landslide building from below

Sturdy in appearance could all be stark illusion

As monuments position shifts from its plateau


Years of holding strong in times of dark despair

Surface made of granite hides unstable ground

Centuries old inhabitant of home along this cliff

Could begin to crumble into sea without a sound


I am lifted up to rightful place upon my mountain steep

By ones who sought my wisdom for so very many years

Circumstances table has been turned toward my favor

Hearts I held so steady here to save me from my fears


This rock upon the bluff now returned to its proper home

Continues in it’s vigilance with new knowledge to impart

The strongest surface can be compromised from within

So keep those you love close and always in your heart




Pay It Forward



Do the things they will remember

Find the things that make you smile

Work hard just for hard works sake

Let that alone carry you an extra mile


Play as hard as you wish to play

Find your focus on life’s final prize

But play with honesty and hard truth

Because any less will be seen as lies


Be the one that sees true value in life

And the things that remain without worth

Truth to self comes first and foremost

In honesty comes peace and daily rebirth


 Once these things are personally found

With all else steadfastly in proper place

The things we keep as the most important

Must be shared unselfishly in a rapid pace


Pay it forward from the depths of the heart

All the while holding it so close to the soul

One must keep all things in the right order

To be positive that experience rules our role


Give unthinkingly to those without a hope

Take away from them nothing but gratitude

Warmth of kindness vast and without measure

Look for nothing but betterment of attitude


A simple smile can bring out the hiding sun

While a kind word can bring music to the air

All these things cost nothing to give so freely

All that is sought is a simple sign that we care







Made In America


They don’t make ’em like they used to
Long gone are the many days of glory
We used to be such an immovable force
Now a different reality tells its story

Pledging allegiance meant something more
Hand over heart to show our dedication
A flag waved high and proud to represent
Ideals and truths of a superior nation

Since when did our blue collar mentality
Become the most sordid white collar crimes
As we all look back to our distant history
Grasping at straws for those simpler times

Where are our riveting Rosie’s these days
It seems old Uncle Sam has given up hope
He’s hiding in a corner tired and afraid
Ready for the hanging but not enough rope

Nation’s united with concerns in abundance
A once proud people make known their pleas
As a blessed country comes apart at the seams
Our hopes and our dreams get shipped overseas