Stygian Symphony (WHO I AM)


The soundtrack of my existence is one of darkened aggression


A complex barrage of twisting measures and frantic refrains


Battle hymns and anthems of agony echo loudly among you all


While my mind plays the intricate rhythms of my harsh realities


Musical notes are tattooed on my heart and embedded in my soul


While the fates play lead heavy hooks to unrelenting cadences


My being is consumed by every pitch and carried on a steel breeze


Life’s highs and lows represented by the sharps and flats of survival


Time signatures and keys changing often as I thrash about on the rocks


Searching ad infinitum to make some sense of this, my diabolical destiny


To find a significance as cold and hard as metal yet hot as a molten lava flow


Until the definition of life is thrust upon me by this daunting wall of sound


A meaning so simple yet as complex as this progressive electric symphony


For my voice to truly be heard I must vocalize loudly and proudly WHO I AM.



20 responses to “Stygian Symphony (WHO I AM)

  1. “To find a significance as cold and hard as metal yet hot as a molten lava flow” — our light and dark put to music and touch. I love this poem almost as much as I love WHO YOU ARE!!!!! Bravo, my dear friend!!

    • Thank you so much dear D. I am glad it carried the message I intended. And so glad we are friends. WHO YOU ARE is what draws me to you and makes our connection over such a distance so strong. Thanks again and be well my friend.

    • This is sort of a 3-fer piece now that I think about it. An ode to Metal music, A message about self acceptance, and the main character’s search for some meaning to Life. So……there ya go. But I also try to leave some room here and there for my readers to find their own meanings and things that relate to them. Hope I achieved that here too.

      • I’m really impressed with the accurate musical references! To be honest- having to squeeze in read and reply time- have family in town- been “chicken with its head cut offing it”! Vegas virgins are fun!!! So didn’t read more than what you described into it. Just really like it. Hope you are well “J-Bud”… Boy, the pot references are getting ridiculous! LOL

      • LOL Vegas virgins huh? Just make sure what happens there STAYS there okay? HaHa See what I did there? Now we are even. And having been an amateur (VERY amateur) musician/guitar player for a long while the musical references are genuine. Just wish I was a bit more adept at putting them to practice. Although I surely think I would not have survived the ROCKSTAR lifestyle. And the Bud references are fine and always make me smile as we both know the TRUE meaning behind them. Be safe and have fun showing your family the Vegas ropes. Catch ya later Bud-E.

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