Hourglass Frozen

A long awaited reunion with Yikici from the site




How things bled when you left

When you left, a hole just grew

An empty carcass, misused

Buried in the depths of you.

A bleeding never to subside

But carry on as a river flows

The absence of you overwhelms

As this deepest chasm grows.

Hours stall as minutes freeze

Through windows pane, I search for you

A drink, or two, pass somber lips

You’ve left me hell, if you knew…


Misery, informs my awareness

As emptiness, unrivaled, grabs hold

Passion for continuance dissolves

Darkness of solitude, ever bold


Walls of mortar, tumble down

Exposing what might have been

a trail so ghostly, I dare not walk

though wanting, I’m too scared to know.


Fearful of  unrelenting realities

That put such distance between our souls

Thinking on good times fallen behind me

Harsh winds of loneliness, blow bitter cold.


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