One Helluva Band

Space special effects composite of red and green musical notes and starry sky


The promised land is electric

Alive with the vibrations of a joyous noise

A venue conceived immaculately

A “Bill Graham Presents” production

That will reverberate infinitely

A “Day On The Green” held in the hereafter

I hear people are dying to get in


A headliners only event of Utopian proportions

The likes of which only immortals are worthy

A musical Shangri-La that will rock at volume ELEVEN

On a stage of vast landscape lit by the Aurora Borealis


A group that needs no introductions

Yet deserves its proper recognition

For each member had an earthly presence

Gifted with the musical ability of an army of angels


A backbeat rhythm of rolling thunder

As Mr. Bonham pounds beneath a raging Moon

Held together by a bell bottom end bass attack

Provided by Moonies tribesman Entwistle

With supernatural distortion only Cliff could administer


The revolving center stage has an everlasting array

Of the guitar mastery only fitting of such a high place

There is Jimi, Stevie Ray, and BB King.

Randy Rhoads can be seen “Flying High Again” 

While Jerry Garcia is just “Grateful” to be here


Last but actually first and foremost

Are the voices that will give the angels choir trouble

With the Lizard King penning his lyrical poetry

 Janice finds Southern Comfort on this new stage

Bowie is much more than just a “Space Oddity”

 Lennon now sings to those who actually “Give peace a chance”

While Bon Scott….HEY how did HE get in here?!?

Well, you see, He got turned around on that famous “Highway”

Ronnie Van Zant reminds us that his bird is now flying eternally free

While the one and only Freddie Mercury steals the show

All the angels drop to their knees with praises of “We’re not worthy”!

While the Almighty just nods his head and laughs


A mastery of mystical, musical magic

In a setting that has the perfection these musicians deserve

For touching our lives and lifting our spirits they found their home

This night of the brightest Stars sonically charging the multiverse

A melodic miracle that lasted for SEVEN encores

Bringing a newfound unity to all creation

Leaving the attendees awestruck and with only one thought


HEAVEN has one HELL of a band!!



Stygian Symphony (WHO I AM)


The soundtrack of my existence is one of darkened aggression


A complex barrage of twisting measures and frantic refrains


Battle hymns and anthems of agony echo loudly among you all


While my mind plays the intricate rhythms of my harsh realities


Musical notes are tattooed on my heart and embedded in my soul


While the fates play lead heavy hooks to unrelenting cadences


My being is consumed by every pitch and carried on a steel breeze


Life’s highs and lows represented by the sharps and flats of survival


Time signatures and keys changing often as I thrash about on the rocks


Searching ad infinitum to make some sense of this, my diabolical destiny


To find a significance as cold and hard as metal yet hot as a molten lava flow


Until the definition of life is thrust upon me by this daunting wall of sound


A meaning so simple yet as complex as this progressive electric symphony


For my voice to truly be heard I must vocalize loudly and proudly WHO I AM.


Shadow Song


I hear the harmonies cry

Their rhythmic tempered sigh

As music pierces night

Darkness blinding bright


Intensity sires pleasure

Ecstasy in every measure

A magical mystical muse

Her music lights the fuse


All five senses elevated

Stygian pulse celebrated

Intricate anthems dance

In our darkened romance


An opera of cast shadows

Suffering slings and arrows

Of outrageous erotic fortune

Vision of desire plays my tune


Brought quickly to my knees

By her ever haunting melodies

I am her captive for a thrilling ride

As she sings to my darker side

Sonic Alliance

mojo-barriers 2012_download_friday

Shoulder to shoulder we stand

Brothers and sisters in arms

Barricades to hold us back

Yet our spirits own the stage

Brought together through love

Love of intensity

Of power


Provided by sonic expression


Volume high in thunderous roar

Resonating, reverberating


Thousands as a single voice answer back

A power surge of rage released

Set free into the smoke filled air

Alliance formed

Unbreakable bond

Forged like steel

Through rebellion and defiance

And all else these crushing harmonies reveal


Sound waves assault the atmosphere

Drive the tide

In a sea of humanity

Ocean of adrenaline

Many thousands move as one

Front to back

Side to side

 And back to the front

Frenzied passion free from malicious intent

Fists thrust high

Pumping to the powerful rhythm

Comaraderie in it’s liveliest form

Eternally linked together

Through Denim

 And leather

Furious cadence

And syncopated grace