Warrior Phoenix


These eyes have seen, and this body has felt

Many years of adversities and obstacles

Trials and tribulations.

I have stepped much too close to the edge

Played with fire, burned badly by the flame

Been left weary and weak

Tried and tested, pushed and proven

Rocked and rolled, left for dead

To see light of day again

My self my opposition, a worthy adversary

To you I can only find these words to say

Listen closely and take heed


Go ahead

Knock me down

I will get up


Keep on

Knock me down again

Again I will get up 



Push me over yet again

Once more I stand


Be strong

Drive me down hard

I lift myself smiling


That all you got?

Send me reeling this time

Joy accompanies my ascent


Throw me over

Painful reminders of long ago

Pride sees me up one more time


Grind me into the dirt

Weakened I continue to stand

Stand and fight for my life


No longer can you make me fall

I watch your expression;  surprise

Laughing, I rise one last time


I rise like the Mighty Phoenix

As you, my Demons, realize

That you are truly FUCKED


I am a warrior, and will rise

Repeatedly from the ashes

To soar high above you once again

45 responses to “Warrior Phoenix

  1. My amazing friend — I write of being shattered and waiting for someone to put me back together and you write of being knocked down and picking YOURSELF back up again and soaring in victory. Your writing, your comments and your frequent words of inspiration are like comforting hugs reassuring me that I do indeed have the strength necessary to keep fighting. Another powerfully effective write. Much love, John!!

    • Thank you so much D. I am glad this spoke to you in that way. Everyone has the strength to overcome. I truly believe that. What lacks in most (and many times in myself, especially in my younger days) is the belief in self to fight tooth and nail for what amounts to our survival and wellness of being. Keep looking within to find and draw from that strength. I promise you it is there. I shows up in your writing from time to time as well. Try and tune into it when you recognize it.

    • Thanks E. Not all days do I feel the strength emitted from these words, but with time comes confidence. Remember that. Defiance in the face of adversity can be a powerful ally, but can be a hindrance as well. Common sense must always prevail. That reality just doesn’t make for such powerful poetry though. lol. Have an awesome Sunday my friend

  2. Love this. I relate to this a lot, actually. My blog recently has turned to lighter thoughts. In the past, over the last several years, it has not been as such. Life can be cruel, and it is up to us how we react. You fight back and get up again and laugh in the face of challenges. It takes a strong heart to do so, and courage. You clearly have both.

    • Thank you so much Jess. Life can be cruel. I have had my share of hardship. Much of it self imposed, so it seemed very natural to write this piece as a struggle with inner demons, but it is equally appropriate for any of life’s struggles. Thank you for your kind words. I need to go for a run now. Be well Jess.

    • Thanks Patty. This one came from the heart to be sure. I am glad you liked it.

      I left you a couple notes on quip. We are all ready to start anytime you find the time to start us off. I am looking forward to writing with you. If you have any questions, drop me an email.



    • Thank you Patty for the Re-Blog. I consider this the sincerest form of flattery when a talented writer such as yourself chooses to share my work with her readers. I am truly humbled.

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