The Perfect Shade

The Perfect Shade


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    • Thanks Oz. Okay settle in, this may take a minute. When I first started this blog 6 months ago, it was really an avenue for my dark flash fiction(categorized under haunted chronicles). In order to keep the creative piston’s firing and be unique I found a fun site where you can form your own “Motivational style posters” (like the ones you see in offices etc. “courage, success and the like). This also gave me freedom to do something with the images I liked but were not worthy of their own story.
      When I started writing poetry I used the poster format to give a different look. I want my blog to be captivating to the eye as well as the mind. So now when I post a poster/poem it is under “poster child, and poetic license expired” as well. I tried to be clever with my category names. Hope that clears things up. Thanks for reading my friend. Be well

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