In Your Eyes


Each and every new day that dawns my fascination grows

With the mystical magic of our windows to the soul

These miracles of vision bestowed so graciously upon us

Never ending is my astonishment in what their beauty shows


They exist in a myriad of colors, with which to view the world

An inner beauty can be revealed and endless stories will be told

As if looked upon and reflected from unblemished mirrored glass

A treasure trove of heavy truths and secrets visually unfurled


Upon closer contemplation boundless knowledge can be gained

I cast my gaze upon the all telling orbs and examine close

As everything held behind them unfolds so entirely before me

Every fact and falsity instantly and unquestionably unchained


Anger can never be hidden and inner peace shines ever so bright

Honesty will be rewarded as surely as a liars eyes betray them

Fatigue is cast aglow in red as alertness gleams in dazzling purity

Hatred glows in fires dance as love will shine in brilliant white


Open wide to reveal a boundless universe brimming with mystery

As rivers flow to portray our sadness and a heartache unrelenting

True happiness and joy burn with the brightness of a furious sun

Future can be glimpsed fleetingly in the images of age old history


Now as I focus my concentration to the infinite abyss of your eyes

I look upon this endless ocean of the most fragile vulnerabilities

Combined with strengths beyond imagination yet un-harvested

So easily visible in the reflections as far reaching as eternal skies.


A radiance right before me, I behold the look of crystal clarity

Any attempts to conceal their perfection are sheer impossibility

My contemplations of both absolute truth and flawless beauty

Convinces me completely such exquisite depth is ever a rarity.


Oh how I yearn to be lost entirely and eternally in YOUR EYES