Secret Of The Sword


Kingdom of Arthur’s rule

Castle walls bleed and groan

So long since sword was pulled

From such unrelenting stone


Once seen as an empire’s saviour

Now gone quite mad with power

His tyrannical fist clenched tightly

While hand of GOD strikes the hour


Lancelot and Guinevere had stolen away

A best friend and lover’s ultimate betrayal

The bringing of disgrace to the throne

Catalyst for a rulers decayed mind portrayal


Shed the blood of the Unicorn

Just to have it’s horn


Without pity every dragon slayed

With their golden treasure, debts be paid


Seeing to it that angels cry out in fear

That he may fill his chalice with their tears


Bringing the majesty of the mountains down

To be the next to wear their crown


Mighty knights of the table round

Must all recognize their station

A single chance left to stand and fight

And hold ever strong for Camelot’s salvation


We must revolt against our demented King

Expelling the madman from a Kingdom’s demise

The pride of power, how it corrupts when forsaken

He must be overthrown, Excalibur to be our prize 


The Sword of sorcery extracted from his hip

Given most unwillingly and with a warriors fight

Famed blade stolen and returned to a watery home

Lady of the Lake now to keep it ever in her sight


Mercy shown to a once proud Emperor Arthur

His wounds of body and mind set free to sail

Across calm waters to Isle of Avalon’s refuge

Only to be shipwrecked by a piercing Siren’s wail.


Knights and peasants now unable to coexist

Camelot finding war and famine commonplace

Formerly sturdy castle walls become it’s people’s tomb

As the once mighty civilization falls in disgrace


Our Lady of the Lake back in control of the sword.

This cutlass her wicked weapon of despair and destruction

Wizard Merlin’s devotion cast his spell on the mighty sabre

Possess it’s possessor as tragedy reigned was it’s seduction