Shadow Song


I hear the harmonies cry

Their rhythmic tempered sigh

As music pierces night

Darkness blinding bright


Intensity sires pleasure

Ecstasy in every measure

A magical mystical muse

Her music lights the fuse


All five senses elevated

Stygian pulse celebrated

Intricate anthems dance

In our darkened romance


An opera of cast shadows

Suffering slings and arrows

Of outrageous erotic fortune

Vision of desire plays my tune


Brought quickly to my knees

By her ever haunting melodies

I am her captive for a thrilling ride

As she sings to my darker side


26 responses to “Shadow Song

  1. Wow — when you say you are inspired, you don’t joke around. WOW! This piece seems so effortless but contains so much depth (and some of my favorite words and themes). It seems that being enraptured by songs of the darker side is quite contagious. This piece is a song I could listen to daily. And just a warning — I will be reblogging this one soon.

      • Thank you Desiree. Remember your comment last night when you said, “This piece sings to my darker side?” well reread the last line again. I told you that you had sparked a wave of inspiration, so thank you for that my friend. I love how this turned out and wanted to make sure I gave credit where it is due.

        BTW, I still plan on doing something related to “sea of desire” but need to think on how exactly to approach it. Would it be okay to email you with my thought’s on it, or would you rather I kept it to these comment sections.
        Let me know. I am hoping to compose something this weekend.

        Keep Inspiring


  2. I agree with the WOW..
    I love the Shadows whispers….
    they speak directly to a heart to show you all others cannot see…
    Beautiful flow of energy….
    Thank you….for sharing…
    Take Care…you Matter…

  3. Reblogged this on Sea of Desire and commented:
    I promise, JMC, I will not reblog your entire site here, but you know how much I loved Shadow Song — even without my indirect connection to it! Thank you, again, for creating such an amazing piece. I cannot wait for your next one!

  4. Left to my own devices tonight and I’m staying out of trouble —- guess it’s a good thing it is so close to Christmas and everyone is sooooo busy. 😉 Because there is much in this piece I would prefer to be doing right now …….

    • Thank you. I am glad you liked it. Looking forward to writing with you again soon. Things have been hectic and stressful in John’s camp lately. LOL. Let me just say that I have evry intention of fulfilling my promise to you and we WILL write soon.

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