Winter’s Mistress


Her arrival comes swiftly with the crisp seasonal gusts

Our Queen Mother from the stinging frozen north

Dusting our existence with her wintry blanket of reality

Her falling white magnificence collecting in heavy layers

As if gifted to us from under feathered wings of angels


The undeniable beauty of her presence is astonishing

A vision of bright luminescence we all should aspire to be

To ourselves and to each and every other we see


Her stunning elegance demanding our vigilant contemplation

Harshly awakening us from our ageless frozen slumber

Our hibernation means eyes are closed to a grace unsurpassed

While the snow runs muddy with a multitude of sins


Behold the undeniable majesty of Winter’s icy Mistress

Her frozen glance becomes a moment stopped in time

Providing opportunity for self reflection in mirrors of ice

She carries with her the bitter cold of past experience

While gliding on the promise of new life in the Spring

11 responses to “Winter’s Mistress

  1. Oooo Winter’s Mistress…how did I miss that? *toothy grin* This is a beautiful poem John, very delicate too, feels quite calming in tone and flow…nicely done. 🙂

    • Thank you. And thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t realize that was available to the free site formats. I appreciate the tip. Love your blog by the way. Had to say.
      Keep Inspiring

  2. I’m really lousy at commenting, so forgive me if most of them read, this is beautiful, but I do think this is beautifully written 🙂

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