Christmas Morning (Daily Prompt-Romantic Monday)

I present to you a piece that is a bit out of the ordinary for my typical range. But when asked if I would like to try my hand at his romantic Mondays post, I jumped at the chance to challenge myself and write outside of my normal comfort zone for Edward Hotspurs daily prompt. Always up for the chance to do something different and perhaps learn something. Hope you all enjoy it and I wish you all a Happy Holiday season. Also find this and all the other entries at:

1 Xmas

I remember well those Christmas mornings as a child
The days leading up were filled with anticipation
A wide eyed eagerness unmatched and untamed
The joy and comfort abounded through family
While friends surrounded and heightened the elation
Just a different energy to this time of year
An electricity powered by warmth and kindness
Safety and generosity became commonplace
Personal well being became secondary to others
The good will towards fellow man endlessly abundant
I look fondly on those innocent childhood holidays
Realizing now how uniquely special they truly were


Looking around me now, taking stock of current reality
I feel a warmth greater than any roaring fire can provide
Many of the same feelings of my Christmases of youth
Magnified ten fold by the company I now keep


My wide eyed childhood playfulness flourishes
Accompanied by the sheer joy of your presence
Anticipation of the happiness yet to be discovered
Now together as one we make our own history
History of the miracles of Christmas wonder
The time of year seems no longer relevant
As each passing day with you at my side
Feels exactly like Christmas morning my dearest

My one and only true love