Box Of Hearts


Drowning in my turbulent mind

I run for shelter from the rain

Peace is just outside my grasp

And solace impossible to find


Any certainty twists and turns

Winds of change blow gale force

Unsettling storm inside my head

Anxiety rains while serenity burns


Frantically tossed and torn apart

Corners of my brain are searched

Hope and strength is found anew

Set free from this box of hearts


11 responses to “Box Of Hearts

  1. And my mighty lion roars again. Anxiety rains while serenity burns — I know the feeling well, but now have the perfect words to come back to when I feel overwhelmed. Bravo, my friend.

    • This poem is a pretty good indication of where I have been lately. But is also a thank you to friends like you who help me along the way. You are most assuredly one of those hearts I set free in the last line. Set free to help me regain perspective. Now you know what I meant the other day when I commented “Thanks for all you do.”

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