Born Under A Bad Sign (A Libra’s Lament)


I find it quite tedious this epic game of life I play

Ever frustrating are my horoscopic afflictions

My relentless pursuit of such elusive perfection

The quest for symmetry just one of my addictions


I seek harmony in my words, numbers and notes

From dark side to light there must be a connection

Should my expressions be found lacking eloquence

It will surely find me chasing fluency every direction


As boulders and feathers alike, are tossed side to side

Defining my maddening quest for euphonious precision

Seeing the fast train of my sanity come clear of it’s rails

Time and again creative endeavors fall short of my vision


My birthright imagination a blessed gift but also a curse

This eternal chase for synchronicity driven by zodiac sign

Striking the balance between the daylight and the darkness

Forever I will strive to make the stars fall in a straight line


As Libra will be holding the scales firmly in place for me

32 responses to “Born Under A Bad Sign (A Libra’s Lament)

  1. One of my kids and my sister are Librans. Wonderful people. One of the difficulties I think both have is a tendency to want to please others so much that they hurt themselves in the process. For them finding the balance there would be beneficial. I think it’s part of my ‘job’ to make sure they love themselves as much as they seek to love and please others.
    Not quite the same as yours but an interesting take on how we may be affected by our birth signs.
    I stopped reading mine at all a few years ago. Kind of gave up on the whole thing although years of ‘studying’ it has left me with impressions of ‘types’ once I know their signs. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I stopped. That and fortune telling was beginning to creep me out a bit. 😉 x

    • I cannot say how much I appreciate how you understood this post. While my life trajectory has found me much less of o people pleaser, I still find the need for positive attention from time to time. LOL. While I love the creative and forward thinking Libra in me, I am sometimes driven mad by the perfectionism. Thank you so much for such a genuine reply

      • You’re welcome. One of the things I do find quite strange re. star signs (although I don’t ‘do’ them any more) is that in my own life I seem to be surrounded with very many of the same kinds of signs,. Quite a wide variety but there are some I don’t know at all. Almost as if people of certain signs don’t belong in my life. I could rattle off the star signs of my family and friends and identify with characteristics I admire and find similar in so many. I’m thinking, for example, that I am not aware of knowing a single Sagitarrian. Maybe there are some among work colleagues or whatever but they don’t feature in my life per se.
        Don’t know if this rings bells with you but the two Librans I know would tell porkies if they thought it would go down better than truth. Pleasing again.
        Glad you feel less needful of doing so.You can’t please everyone anyway so what’s the point? 😉 x

      • It is more that I have learned many cold truths, and realize “nothing said is better than a lie if the truth will not suffice.” I like that line and am keeping it. LOL. I have not looked into the star signs very extensively, but the people pleasing, balance, perfectionism, and need for attention are all things I have found real and suffer from at times.

  2. I think that you have captured the essense of being Libran excellently here. The striving for Truth, Justice and perfection can be a tough road to travel. Of course astrology runs much deeper than just one’s Sun Sign, but certain elements always come through. The blessing/ curse of a Gemini? : The ability to see both sides of an argument (or, in fact, anything). You can draw your own conclusions. A great poem.

    • I can see what you mean. LOL (Gemini joke here) But seriously, thank you for the comment. And I agree, certain characteristics just seem to come through much stronger than others. I would not trade the Libran creative impulse for anything, and just hope I do it justice.

  3. Greatly written John!

    ‘My birthright imagination a blessed gift but also a curse’

    O yes, I know this so well! I am a Pisces, but I struggle with the same things some times.

    Lots of Love,

  4. Dear John — since I had the ultimate pleasure and honor of writing with you, I saw what you about in action. But what you claim is a weakness, was actually very much a strength for us, was it not?? Your quest for perfection honed our words into a piece we could both be very proud of. Although I am Aquarian, I identify very little with the “characteristics” of my sign. It is claimed that Aquarians know nothing of jealousy as it is not in our nature to ever be that way. Hell — jealousy is one of my biggest flaws!! 😉 Stop seeing your perfectionism as a hindrance and draw upon it as your strength. And I will continue to pound this into that head of yours!!
    Beautiful piece, masterfully done! So glad to “see” you back here. Much love, D

    • Thank you D. The creative side I embrace fully. As far as the perfectionism, I can deal with that too, but it does drive me mad at times. I am glad I have you to keep reminding me of the obvious. Sometimes I get a little thick and need to be beaten about the head and neck with the truth. lol

  5. Wonderfull poems and I can relate to it! My ascendant is Libra, but I find Libras also to be one of the few astrological signs that when translated to character, I go along with 🙂

  6. Hello, fellow Libra! I’m also a Chinese wood snake. I think this means that I am destined to achieve Total World Domination in 2014.

    I recall having read that somewhere.

    Liked the poem. Well done.

    • Thank you so much Morgan. Words cannot express my gratitude, however I am not accepting awards for this site. I just do not have the time to properly pay it forward in the manner it deserves. Please know however that it is extremely flattering to be nominated, and I want to make that clear. It humbles me to know you enjoy my work.

  7. You have explained the libra inside flawlessly. I can’t tell you how many times my need for attention and wanting to make others happy as thrown me into trouble, lol. I love it and hate it. Love this post !! xx

    • Thank you Rosalie. May I call you that? I didn’t touch too much on the need/demand for attention in this post as much as the insane drive for things to be just so. But you bring a whole new side of the Libran persona to light with your comment as I too struggle with the need for attention and desire to please. Thank you for your insight.

      • Yes you may! There are many sides to the libran and you explained the need for perfection brilliantly in your poem. It’s a mental madness but at the same time, it’s a beautiful gift. You’re welcome xx

      • I am gonna go with beautiful gift today. At least until I compose again. That’s when the mental madness really likes to shine. LOL

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