Red Eyes At Night


Figures move and shadows twist

Among the trees and darkened mist

Always present at midnights fall

Daunting eyes come again to call


Ever watchful and always there

Crimson daggers pierce the air

Silent fury and noiseless taunting

No escape from this tortured haunting


Familiar with their brand of cunning

No way out, and no sense in running

As evil beckons from every side

From wicked vision nowhere to hide


These unholy hunters with red eye’s of fire

Swiftly move in at the command of their sire

My fate’s clock expires as sheer terror abounds

My silent captors I recognize as Lucifer’s hounds

16 responses to “Red Eyes At Night

    • Thank you E. I read your piece too and loved it. Great (and clear headed) minds do think alike don’t they? And it is always cool when they sync up like that too. Peace to you as well. Keep Inspiring

  1. Thanks, I love the coincidental syncopation of ideas among writers. This is an awesome thing. Even if the subject matter is darker, it shows that we truly are connected through our art, and each others biggest support system. Keep inspiring


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