For Us


So….I love you

I say it a lot

Too much

Like you might forget

In one ear out the…

Anyway….I love you


I’m crazy, you’re crazy

Both in different ways

yet much the same

It is evident how

You are amazing

Because I am difficult









But hear me out

Because I love you

And that’s enough right?


I am also







And that’s good, I think


Not one thing exists

In this entire world

That compares to the love

To the feeling of comfort

To the safety I feel

When I am wrapped

Protected in the trust

Of your loving arms


So forgive me if I am saddened

By the unhappiness in your gaze

Don’t blame me when I try

With questions to probe

Ways I can help you find

This happiness you seek


Together we will find it

And when we do

I bet all the stars in the sky

It has been waiting right there

Idle and patient

Right inside of you


The place where happiness is born

The place where happiness belongs


35 responses to “For Us

  1. This is beautiful (adore the picture – appropriate). You know, I have to say I read this a couple of times – had trouble taking it face value- like there was a deeper meaning I was supposed to get! LOL. I am slow if there is. I enjoyed it simplistically both times!

    • It is meant to be taken at face value in a simplistic fashion, yet there is a deeper meaning for the person it was written for. So anything deeper than the surface that you find probably exists as well. Thank you for the wonderful comment. It was a struggle deciding whether or not to post this. It was written a while ago and just resurfaced as a reminder of and by the person how much we mean to each other. I decided I was happy enough with it that it had to be shared. A side of me I don’t show too frequently here.

  2. I see you can still surprise me, too!! I’m not surprised you are capable of writing a love poem — but I am surprised you shared it with the world. I have no other words than “I LOVE IT”!!

    • I was surprised too. I had forgotten writing this at all. The person it speaks to sent it back to me as a reminder, and I realized how much I loved the message. She has been an important part of my sanity, and we have seen each other through some very trying times in our separate lives. Our friendship and strong bond being the only constant. So as much as I struggled with posting this, I just couldn’t NOT share this side of me.

      • I am definitely proud of you for posting it. And I am happy that you have had such a constant in your life.

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