Paper Pirates

This piece is a big Thank You to all my word press friends. I draw inspiration from each and every one of you and am ever impressed by your individuality and endless talent. We are Paper Pirates, and sail the vast sea of imagination. Here is to hoping our ships continue to pass each other often in this endless ocean of creativity.

1 Paper Pirates

We poets are one and all paper pirates
Heavy and dangerous with our thoughts
Using words to collect the highest bounty
And creating tides of self strong emotion
Adrift on a vast ocean of quiet white
Waiting for the strong current of belief
To drive us in our creation of hopes and dreams


Much in common with the buccaneers of history
Sabres our words, and ideas being our side arms
We take from earthly travelers simple ideas
Turning the blade to suit our individualism
Yet riding a tide of collective expression
A sea of blank pages are just opportunities
To raise the flag and sail boldly ahead
Leaving the creation of other’s thoughts in our wake


The sound of cannon fire signifies new beginnings


The blood we spill is the pencil we put to paper
Or the ink that tells the many stories of our lives
The same ink that creates the ripples in the page
And keeps the ship sailing onward toward eternity


That ink is what binds us as brothers and sisters
And forms the common bond we all share as artists
Performers on a stage not the poet pirates calling
Yet give us our thoughts and an ocean of pulpy white
And we shall lay before you an abundance of wealth
A wealth of feelings, ideas, concepts and raw emotions
Sorrow and despair will walk the plank as we write
In the hopes that the storm clouds will soon break
And the sun will reflect a paper ocean’s brilliant white

38 responses to “Paper Pirates

  1. I have to smile as the experience you describe is something that has been on my mind a lot recently (no surprise there that we are sharing thoughts again!). I adore your imagination and ability to bring life to our words and thoughts. Recently though, it feels like it is my sanity that is walking the plank. And I have been tempted to bring this ship into shore. It upsets me that I have even considered that — but at times it seems the most reasonable thing to do. But then I think of my fellow pirates and I can’t bring myself to lower the sails just yet. Thank you, my dear friend, for another wonderful piece of your heart to reflect upon.

    • Hang tough D. The sea’s get very rough from time to time, but when they go calm again the sunrises and sunsets are the most beautiful imaginable. Please don’t hesitate to reach out any time if you need a shoulder to lean on. Keep on the lookout for an email I will soon be leaving you a link in our quip page. Someone I think you need to hear. And an Inspiration for where this poem came from.

    • Thank you Phoebe. Make sure you understand that YOU are one of the friends I speak of in my introduction to this piece. You are always so supportive of my work and are truly a unique and gifted writer as well. I always look forward to your posts and comments alike. Keep Inspiring

  2. Sometimes I feel like a small canoe a vast ocean, but then I remember we’re all creative dreamers here and it’s not the size of the boat that matters. We’re in this together, making waves. We have different experiences that brought us here, but a common bond in the need for expression. This poem showed me that the community of writers and artists here truly feels like a family. You’re a very talented poet, BTW.

    • Thank you so much Jersey Gal. I have been going through a very noticeable lull in my inspiration and creativity, but I am always amazed by the vast array of truly talented people I have in my WordPress family. I felt it necessary to write something as a Thank you to all of them (this includes you of course).
      And as far as my individual talent goes, it is very flattering of you to say so, but I owe a ton of credit once again to the many inspirational writer’s who are along for this poet pirate’s journey.

      • You are very kind. We all hit the inspirational wall, and then we bounce off and things even out eventually. There is a lot of inspiration to be found around here and in places that often surprise. I wish you well on your journey.

  3. I want to highlight the whole poem for favourite description. You have described so perfectly that common bond. Ink blood spilled sometimes in little cuts and sometimes gushing across the paper. One pirate’s thoughts seeping into another’s. So beautifully done.x

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