Innocence Far Gone

I would like to introduce my newest Duet partner Johnny Ojanpera. I have been a fan of his talent and writing style for some time so when he suggested we combine efforts I was immediately on board. It was even more enjoyable writing with him than I imagined. I hope you enjoy our ideas and words here and be sure to visit his site and read his work for yourself. You most certainly will not be disappointed. You can find him here. Johnny Ojanpera


Memory serves innocence as a scent
None more than a plaything for a boy
Mere dime-store toy, given to a child
Never a souvenir taken into manhood

Wide eyed simplicity left in the dirt
Discarded by truth as hard as steel
Life’s reality views naivete as prey
Feeding on the mild and the meek

Whether lost or broken, only a trifle
Never a thought given to it’s revival
Could beg it back, but for weakness
The world asks not for our delicacies

Asks not, but rather steals them away
As we are initiated by cruel adversity
Carefree times of youth relinquished
Making way for a tough new exterior

Innocence far gone may yet be found
Though cast aside when broken, tried
With a whisper weak grace still intact
A man’s poet, his child’s careful eyes

A glorious perspective newly obtained
In careful observance of his existence
Speaks life’s lessons to an eager child
Exchanged for memories of innocence lost

6 responses to “Innocence Far Gone

  1. The results of this collaboration were as stunning as I imagined!! Your styles blended seamlessly and perfectly!! I hope you two will grace us with more future duets together!!

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