Changing Lanes

Once again I had the pleasure of collaborating with my good friend Desiree at She is an absolutely gifted writer with a fiery heart and a passionate soul. If you are not already familiar with her work, do yourself a favor and check her out at Sea of Desire.


I can feel the warmth like the glow of the sun
I recognize the pulse of a heart filled with fire
My night becomes day as light creates shadow
This heart takes the wheel as it drives my desire

A journey long delayed when I lost my direction
Enveloped in a heavy fog of forbidden dreams
The new glow of passion permeates the morning air
Quickly lighting my way and quieting my screams

As the sound of intrigue guides me towards the dawn
Heart light illuminates my road to soulful connection
Loneliness is banished as your words fill my existence
Playing through my mind with power ballad perfection

The open window breeze blows away dark memories
They disappear swiftly in the glare of the rising sun
Inhaling the honeysuckle promise of your tender touch
I believe the sins of my insidious past can be outrun

A myriad of misdeeds are left behind me in the night
As this dawn of new horizons becomes so crystal clear
The haven where I long to be is found within your gaze
My hand in yours assures me there is nothing left to fear

I refuse any last glimpse into the cracked rear-view mirror
Our future no longer contained between these yellow lines
Discarding a tattered map, we silently agree on wild abandon
Donning our shades we crank up the volume, ignoring all the signs



10 responses to “Changing Lanes

    • Thanks Bud E. Glad ya liked this. Always a fun and challenging thing to duet. It is always nice when it comes together well. I feel like I have a smile on my face and my feet on the dash while the sun warms my face and the loud road music warms my soul, when I reread this one.

      • Petty has some very qualified material for road trips. I still tend to lean toward the Heavier side of the music spectrum for road trippin. A vast majority of AC/DC’s catalogue is always nice. A lot of the late 70’s and 80’s arena rock stuff is cool too. Just about anything that gets your heart racing, your face smiling and makes your foot a little bit heavier.

  1. I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to “dancing with words”. You are an amazing writing partner and even better friend!! I look forward to future road trips with you.

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