The One Who Would Be King



Seeker of ageless wisdom

Earthbound spirit of potential majesty

Oppressed by only the failure to understand

Finally set free to ponder

Newfound belief



Awakened to a new universe of discovery

Immersed in limitless potential

Awestruck by it’s clarity


Simplicity defines bliss

A singular path to perfect awareness

Unfamiliar soil to acknowledge and appreciate



Respect in abundance

Reverence to Gods and Goddesses alike

Stand aside; Make way for the One who would be King

Behold unassuming dignity and substance  

Borne of sheer gratitude



10 responses to “The One Who Would Be King

  1. John, this is a fabulous poem. I don’t know if you did it intentionally, the poem itself reads beautifully forwards as it does backwards line by line (this is kind of a line palindrome poem). When I read it forwards it speaks of the Stargazer, read backwards it defines a type of freedom that many seek. *Smiling* very impressive. Please take good care, and enjoy the rest of your week. ~ Mia

    • Thank you Mia. I did not recognize that but am completely stoked that it reads that way. I did not plan it, but do not believe in coincidence so perhaps the Deity’s mentioned were guiding the words a bit. A collaboration if you will. LOL

      The only design behind the words was to have 3 stanzas of 7 lines each in a sort of double helix DNA strand type pattern. I LOVE words, but also enjoy being visually creative as well from time to time.

      Thanks again for your very observant read and the follow as well. I hope you enjoy what you find here as I am sure to enjoy your creativity at Copper Cranes as well.

      • Thank you for a lovely reply. You’re so welcome John, it’s very exciting. Are there really any coincidences? I don’t think so, maybe happy accidents. 🙂 A wonderful collaboration! 😉 Why I decided to read it backwards…good question, I don’t make that a habit, lol. Thank you for your kindness and the follow as well. I look forward to reading many more of your post. Wishing you a wonderful evening.

      • No coincidences. You read it backwards because you were meant to. Thank you again for bringing my happy accident into the light. You have a wonderful evening as well.

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