Flourite Fantasy


Cradled in the ample bust of our Earth Mother

Gently settled in for a peaceful nights dreaming

Bathed in the heavenly glow of a selenite moon

Energetically protected by a silver lights gleaming


Violet branches perfectly wrapped with twisting gnarls

Roots under lavender keep him docile and grounded

Tranquil azure waters cascading amongst his shadows

Delivering ideas to fruition in a dreamscape unbounded


Negativity deflected by a protective Persian green sky

So that Spring may flourish within his heart of hearts

A pleasant calming sense of concentrated direction

Rainbows end is assuredly where his journey starts

9 responses to “Flourite Fantasy

  1. John, “Flourite Fantasy” has such beautiful imagery, a lovely and very tranquil poem. Your last line is wonderful, “Rainbows end is assuredly where his journey starts” a marvelous place to start. Wishing you a terrific holiday weekend. ~ Mia

    • Thank you Mia. When I came across this image there was an instantaneous picture it painted in my mind and the write was on. Brief but beneficial I hope. It was for me. You have a terrific holiday weekend as well.

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