Gone missing once again from the safety of the written word

Ripped away from the comfort of the blanket of others creativity

Time will only tell how long I will struggle through the dark night

Without these moments of satisfaction provided by artistic light


It seems the harsh realities of this monotonous daily existence

Have stolen me away from the protection on my beloved words

Tick tock, tick tock, as the clock on the wall so torturously taunts

I have no time to seek shelter in the shadows of my favorite haunts


I shall return to roam the jungle I rule over with strength and pride

Once the dust has settled and the air is again safe to deeply inhale

Bringing the familiar swagger of an artistic view back to the pages

Hopefully showing signs of my influences from fools and from sages


Fear not where I have gone or what fate has overtaken my soul

I cannot stay away from the forest of my imagination for any length

When I reenter the shadows of my imagination once again to endure

You will see and feel the strength of my love for words remains pure


20 responses to “MIA

    • Thanks Jewels. It feels good to write again and I hope to be back much more often. I so appreciate your time and unique talents as well.

    • Hi Holly. It does my heart good to know that after too long an absence my favorite WP friends and amazing writers such as yourself are still present and accounted for regarding my heartfelt words. Blessings to you as well. I have missed you.

  1. Hi you! I popped on WP today after a long 3 months and saw your post. Great to read your wonderful words, as always! Hope you are doing well ….love and hugs 🙂

    • So cool to see you. Timely of you to pop up for this post. I have been torn away from WP a bit and have been fighting to get back into my writing groove. I am so glad to see you back. Drop in any time.

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