Unsecret Deathwish


It is with wonder and amazement

That I look upon the beauty of danger

Life has tried it’s best to strike me dead

More than once and so now I laugh


Comrades in arms upon mountains and shores

Elbow to elbow in deep woods or high waves

My serenity found in beauty of nature

Yet with an endorphin filled adrenaline twist


Some are called to the roads and mountain trails

While others cast out from the oceans shore

All for one and one for all the others

A feeling of freedom unknown by the weak of heart


High speeds and overhead surf call us

Each to our individual pursuits

Yet similarities of cultural bond and brotherhood

Remain etched deep in our skin and bones


So whether adrenaline filled two wheeled descents

Or fins on the surface outside the heavy break

One thing shared by surfers and cyclists alike

Is this strange fascination with our Unsecret Deathwish


21 responses to “Unsecret Deathwish

  1. I understand this feeling – it seems though my parameters of deathwish have changed. In other words, my life with my head are bound to a deathwish. I can understand the rush on a bike – when i was training for tri’s I felt driven by it, until i almost killed myself on a training ride.

    • I am very familiar with that drive on the bike. While more conservative now, I still get that rush of speed and being on the edge of control that is so intoxicating. That combined with the endorphin rush of training and physical fitness is amazing. It really is ONLY the endurance athlete that knows both the suffering and exhilaration to be found in pushing to those limits. Thank you for relating this friend.

      • When I competed in IMoo – I said to myself and to my boys that there would be only three things which would keep me from completing the race – 1. If I am in danger. 2. If I am sick and an EMT tells me that I should not continue. 3. If I did all that I could and pushed as hard as I could and was unable to make a cutoff in time. This was my mantra. I pushed and I pushed. I finished. My time was 16:57:00. I came in third place – from the end. And it just about near killed me:). The pain afterwards……….

      • I have not done Tri’s. The goal is to start doing duathlons soon as I enjoy running. Not a big swimmer so I will pass on that discipline thanks. Congratulations on finishing. It is not WHERE you finish but THAT you finish. Well done. I have been a competitive cyclist for years (not so much lately LOL) and know very well both the pain AND the satisfaction.

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