Unsecret Deathwish


It is with wonder and amazement

That I look upon the beauty of danger

Life has tried it’s best to strike me dead

More than once and so now I laugh


Comrades in arms upon mountains and shores

Elbow to elbow in deep woods or high waves

My serenity found in beauty of nature

Yet with an endorphin filled adrenaline twist


Some are called to the roads and mountain trails

While others cast out from the oceans shore

All for one and one for all the others

A feeling of freedom unknown by the weak of heart


High speeds and overhead surf call us

Each to our individual pursuits

Yet similarities of cultural bond and brotherhood

Remain etched deep in our skin and bones


So whether adrenaline filled two wheeled descents

Or fins on the surface outside the heavy break

One thing shared by surfers and cyclists alike

Is this strange fascination with our Unsecret Deathwish