Face Of War

While scrolling through images I came across this one from one of my favorite Artists. Salvador Dali has always been a fascination and inspiration to my unique perspective and sometimes bizarre outlook. This work titled “Face Of War” was just screaming to be written on.

Face of War

Look upon the face of tragedy

Across the world or right next door

See it for what it really truly is

A mechanism for the prevalence of malfeasance


The people stricken with good and honest hearts

Are sent to the front lines to take the flack

Shrapnel of collateral damage and friendly fire

Lay to waste the sensibilities needed to survive


Fat cats, politicians, and the power of wealth

Oil the jaws of the war machine

And mercilessly feed it with our babies

The casualties of so many different wars


Homicide of the human spirit and then some

Wars in name of religion, race or social stand

In foreign lands take their toll on humanity

While civil liberties are crushed under local gavel


Tragedy spawned by tremendous imbalance

Of both hearts and minds alike

Greed and power have made them completely numb

While blind lady justice crumbles under her own weight


Run in circles like rats in a maze

While the onlookers cruelly steal the cheese

A sadistic game of cat and mouse

Strips raw every nerve of those crushed underfoot


The pain of exhausted realization

The futility of the loudest screams falling on deaf ears

The heartlessness of the ugly truth

Being swept under another dirty old rug


We need not look to distant foreign lands

To find the most heinous forms of destruction

They walk mindlessly through the mine fields

These faces of war reside in our own back yard