Shepherd Warrior


Caught out in the cold in the wrong place and time

Unsure of my whereabouts, alone in the bitter chill

The wicked grin of doubt casting shadows about

As menacing realities of what nightfall surely brings,

Hauntingly dance in the forest that surrounds me



What does darkness bring to a lost, lonely soldier

Once the moon is high above me in midnight skies?

A single warrior caught in Natures ferocious grip

Alongside whispering ghosts of the vast wilderness

No chance but luck to survive hunter’s of the night



Call to wonder what lies behind Mountains mystery

Spirits of Mother Natures majestic creation appear

A call to the wild as the secrets of the forest unfold

My imagination hangs on every story so portrayed

By falling snow, limitless sky, and timeless timber



Led safely through the night by a peaceful guardian

One that I was sure would see me meet my maker

A loyal teacher and guide in its predatory disguise

Noble and wise in the ways of courage and honour

Spirit warrior is truly a Shepherd in Wolf’s clothing


14 responses to “Shepherd Warrior

    • Thank you. It relieves me to know that it rang true with a Native American sensibility as that was an intention of mine, but I never know how things will translate sometimes. Thanks again for your read and comment Karin.

  1. (((Awhoooo)))
    well done brother
    this sinks deep and it comes out howling.
    thank you for sharing such an emotional piece.
    outstanding as usual

    • Thanks Marcus. It actually started out as a different piece altogether and took a sharp left into the woods as I was writing it. I think it was “The call of the wild!!” LOL. Here is to you and your pack M.

    • Thanks MW. This will always have a bittersweet truth. Written with my good friend Marcus in mind less than 48 hours prior to his passing. This and “Spirits of strength and honour” which we wrote together and posted the night before he left us will always hold the most important place in my heart.

      • the emotion is there, very raw piece. i’m sorry for your loss 😦 we survive within our phrases and words. this is an amazing dedication to remembering ❤

      • Thanks again MW. Written 2 nights before he passed but now he will forever be that shepherd warrior for so many. Still blows my mind the “coincidental timing” (I believe in NO SUCH THING, everything has a purpose in fates scheme)

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