Strange and confusing this vision before me

As the raven stands quietly while time ticks away

Cloudy skies above shift with menacing precision

As the skies hold nothing but varieties of gray


A word scrawled in blood seeps into hardened rock

While doors stand without reason, waiting on my call

A clock keeps ticking, persistently insistent; set in stone

This bleak and puzzling picture before me casts its pall


A dreadful curiosity of the likes I have never known

Ghastly pull towards my fate to view the other side

Open door could be an opportunity or grave mistake

The Lady or the Tiger, or worse still, the Devil’s slide


Drawn back to the clock in stone and it’s solitary word

Written not so long ago as the crimson message still drips

“Alone” is all it says, leaving no other clues to meaning

As a nothingness engulfs me, while terror tightly grips


I stand before beckoning doors ready to take the chance

To find what’s beyond the minds temptations and lies

Slowly opening the door with great fear and apprehension

I step boldly across the threshold to meet my certain demise


Once inside the open doorway it all comes crystal clear

Raven was my guide to lead me to such a decisive place

The clock to tick away every moment of my indecision

Until this glorious exultation spread wide across my face


My dreams have brought me to the place I long to be

Surrounded by the loved ones, long lost to times decay

Scarlet script a reassurance in blood and eternal stone

“Alone” I’ll never be, as I am surrounded night and day