Harmless? (Heartless)

Yet another playoff disappointment from the most

talented team without heart or true grit.

Don’t know how much more I can, or will take from

this “team”.


An image that once instilled fear

Left others trembling and shaking

Now swim alone in calm waters

Lost what was theirs for the taking


A powerful presence to be seen

Frenzied grace and skill above all

Arrive to face this unstoppable force

Hit them hard and watch them fall


Year after year, chances squandered

Maybe now the strength we will muster

Again left floating dead in the water

Another instance of brilliant lackluster




10 responses to “Harmless? (Heartless)

    • And by the way, I am pretty sure the Canucks missed the playoffs this year due to bad coaching. I am NOT a Torterella fan and any team with the Sedin twins AND Ryan Kesler should make the playoffs by accident. I think there are some guys that refused to play for Torts, but that is my conspiracy theory. Be well Marcus. Roaring at the moon again.

    • one more thing Marcus. I just read my replies again and realized It sounded like I mighta been disrespecting the Canucks. Not my intention at all if you may have taken it that way. I am just still seeing red from this tremendous choke job my team pulled of with such flair. lol. Be well friend

      • Sir John
        No. Quite the opposite. If you can believe it, I’m a Canadian that is not a huge hockey fan.
        I also agree with your first response. Torts is a joke as a coach. Maybe with Linden at the helm they might turn it around but giving up both Schneider and then Luongo will hurt to find a suitable replacement.

        Sharks are still an exciting team.
        Cheers friend.

      • Thanks for understanding friend. I am extremely passionate about Hockey and my teams. Thanks for your continued support of my writing. It means a lot from such a talent.

  1. We were the team that knocked em out last year and laid down and died against the same Kings team that came back from an 0-3 deficit. I am in a blind rage with this “team” right now. I am glad you can relate to my misery my wolfen friend. Howling at the moon with you. Thanks for the compliment on the write. I am a lover of the sport Hockey so expect a few more posts on this topic soon friend.

    • In my opinion it is the best team sport on the planet. Strength, courage, grace, style force, finesse, and toughness all come into play. As let down as I am by my hometown team YET AGAIN, I could never turn my back on the sport itself. At least I still have the Bruins. GO B’s. LOL. Always glad to meet another Hockey fanatic. Thank you for reading my work. I am glad you enjoy my posts Karin.

  2. Oh my dear John — I am not laughing although I am amused at how eloquently you expressed your disappointment in your team!! When Duke lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament, I just hung my head in shame and kept my mouth shut. 😉 I do adore this piece though because it so perfectly illustrates the passion you keep simmering underneath that smooth and suave exterior of yours!!!

  3. LOL. I don’t know how eloquent it is D. I could hardly concentrate through my overwhelming feelings of anger, bitterness, disbelief and betrayal. How does a team lose a 3-0 series lead, and completely let down it’s dedicated fans YET AGAIN. YEAR after YEAR!!!! Only the fourth time in league history that has happened and we get to say we were on the wrong end of history. To put it in baseball terms it would be like gong into the bottom of the ninth with a seven run lead, and losing by one run to two grand slams. Pretty tough to take. Thanks for the compliment and getting me to smile. My passion simmers, but sometimes comes to a raging boil. For my sports, but also with my passion for life.

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