Red, White, and Blue Collar

Those who know me know I am a HUGE hockey fan and the playoffs are my favorite time of the sports year. While I am NOT a Rangers fan (My teams are the Boston Bruins and my hometown San Jose Sharks), I had to write this for a good friend of mine. She is a die hard Ranger’s fan. I hope the B’s/Rangers Rivalry happens again this year.

I wish the Sharks could show the same grit and heart as this old school, blue collar team in the playoffs. But that is another sad story. (See previous post)


Steeped in rich and glorious tradition

Work and play with deadly precision

Tireless athletes, eyes on the prize

Competitive hearts enormous in size


The harder they work the better they get

It is so useless to try defending your net

The team is on fire and building momentum

Skating with pride for it’s blue collar emblem






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