Eye See You (Silent Observer)

I see you

Seeing me


I hear you

Not hearing me


I pretend to be you

Pretending to care


I watch you

Dismiss me


I turn away

As you turn to see


I bare witness

As you quickly judge


I see you

Thinking you see me


I know you

Never know me


I spill my love

You spew your hate


I watch you wither

Accept your fate


19 responses to “Eye See You (Silent Observer)

  1. Wow, John. The brevity and power of your words spoke volumes. You have such immense talent — I truly need to find some time to come back and drown myself in your words again. I also miss our time together and that cosmic connection — although that connection has not been broken or even bent. 😉

    • Just glad to see you here when you find the time. Thank you for such a compliment. I admire your writing so much and am glad you deem my words worthy of your time. So happy to hear our connection is not showing any wear. Hard to know when neither of us seem to have the time to hang out. Perhaps we should write again soon so we can catch up. LOL.

      • Your words, your friendship, your wisdom, your connection — are all worth much more than just my time. I look forward to our next duet — as it does seem to be the only time we are able to “connect” and have an actual conversation! I’ll be waiting for you to let me know when you are available. Hugs, friend!

    • Thank you Marcus. This was a very quick write as it was something that I had to purge from my system. Probably the closest I have come to an uninterrupted free write yet. Glad it’s raw emotion shone through.

    • I like it when my older stuff gets revisited, or newly discovered by followers. It gives me a chance to see it again too. I really like this piece. Thanks Lisa

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