Runaway Tide


I still feel drawn towards the fleeing tide

All these years and nothing has changed

The Lady of the Sea arrives in her glory

Only to once again run away and hide


I chase forever it seems to keep her near

As the promise of the steady surf fools me

I believe she will stay high upon the shore

Yet again she steals away at sunsets clear


Her arrival sees me once more at her side

Immersing myself in her unending beauty

Wishing upon sea stars that she will remain

To forever be this Mountains lovely bride


I cannot help but think, we were meant to be

Her gentle shoreline softly meets the rocks

While her waves kiss my steady ruggedness

I ache to become one with my magical sea


Alas I am again reminded far, far too soon

That our bliss is only just a brief encounter

She must be going now and slowly pulls away

Gleaming beauty leaves me under lonely moon




15 responses to “Runaway Tide

    • The changing of the tides is such a powerful metaphor for different life struggles that it was hard to pick a direction for this one. Unreciprocated love seemed like the most obvious. I am glad you liked it E my friend.

  1. i like your poem alot! i write a lot of similar original stuff you should check out my blog!

  2. Sigh … WOW! You obviously know this one joins my list of favorites! You have perfectly captured the emotional essence of the changing tides within our hearts! While unreciprocated love is painful, your beautiful imagery makes it almost understandable and acceptable in a very melancholic way. Awesome write, John! I absolutely adore this one!

    • If you want to call it that. LOL. I enjoy poetry and find it therapeutic. I tend to dwell more in the shadows and write darker most times, but I can spread the light from time to time as well. I hope you find time to peruse my work some more and enjoy what you find. I enjoy your blog posts immensely and am a full supporter (and sometimes practitioner. lol) of the fit and healthy lifestyle.

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